Monday, May 28, 2012

Quick Graduation Card

Our neighbor's daughter graduated this year.  Crazy…I remember when I first met them she was in 3rd grade.  How does that happen? How does time go that fast?  Now she is off to college in a few weeks.  True to my 11th-hour mentality,  I waited to make her a card until the day of the party.

I'm proud to say that I did get my flower beds weeded, planted and mulched with my signature cocoa bean hulls BEFORE the party….but again it was an 11th hour-kinda thing.   Usually, I am crazy to get my flowers in on Mother's Day weekend (in Michigan where I live you are a fool to put them in before than early May because Mr. Frost is sure to visit a time or two up until then).  This year the warm spell we had in March that brought 80 degree temps really upset my rhythm.  I knew March was too early to plant and it killed me, especially when my perennials started blooming…but I waited.  By the time May came…. I was over it.  But not wanting to look like the redneck neighbors with the flower beds full of weeds, I scrambled to get it all planted Wednesday night.

I made a card that really stunk. I mean it was so bad I tossed it- no point in trying to refurbish, it was that bad.  Thankfully, my second attempt was much better.
Ironically, her High School colors are the same as my Harrison Hight and The University of Michigan…both my alma maters.  Add glitter, distressed seam binding, Washi tape, a piece of Susan Lenart Kazmer's Industrial Chic ruler from Michael's….perfection.

Laters Baby….
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  1. i for one cannot believe all the friends of mine who have kids graduating. we were late bloomers in having children so in 2 years we will be there too. yikes!
    thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. yes. Garrison was a family member. he was killed in Iraq by an ied. it was a tough loss. his brother is a marine and we think he is in Afghanistan. freedom is definitely not free.

  2. I'm a member of that procrastination club too. It's one of my 5 talents.

    Cute card!


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