Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teachers Gift Idea #1

It's that time of year again….time to come up with something exciting and fresh to give to your child's teacher(s).  It is hard to come up with that one thing that says: 
"Thank you for nurturing and watching over the single most important thing in the world to me
for $10 or less.  
Ok, the "$10 or less" was partially for joke value.  But if you have 5 kids or your child has 7 teachers (as my middle-schooler does), it becomes important to find that perfect gift that is inexpensive but looks and feels expensive.  I think the other issues is finding something that is unique... but at the same time, some the teacher will value.  Giving your child's teacher a mug with YOUR child's picture on it just isn't appropriate.  No, really it isn't.  

I will be honest... I never give my kids' teachers end-of-school gifts.  I know that sounds bad, but I prefer to help with things throughout the year.  I mean, why would I give her a bribe gift AFTER the year is over.  You have to give the bribe early in the process if you expect it to work.  I've given gift certificates to the local teacher's store during the first months of the school year.  I've purchased supplies requested by the teacher, donated books, and volunteered in the classroom.  I've helped with and donated supplies for parties, and I've gone in to do odd projects.  For example, this year I went in on the third day of school to entire all of the parents' email addresses into a database so the teacher could email the weekly newsletter.  If you can't-or would rather not- give an end-of-year gift, consider doing a task like I did.  

This year my daughter has been home ill all year.  Well, that isn't entirely true…she went for the first 3 weeks of the year.  Since then, she has received home-bound services through the school.  This has meant extra work for the teachers so I thought it would be nice to express my gratitude with a small gift.  When we first requested home-based services we all thought it would be for a few weeks to a month but it turned into the entire year.  Since she has 5 teachers plus the home-bound teacher, I need to find something relatively inexpensive.  

One idea is to purchase basic cards or stationary and jazz it up.  If you are like me and have a scrapbook store in your studio, it is easy to "shop" for embellishments and since I already had them…I count them as "free".  
I purchased this 10 pack of basic Thank You cards at Target for a few dollars.  Cute but plain. 
I grabbed a bunch of embellishments and started decorating. I love the black polka dot Washi tape with the pink. 
I love the teal rhinestones as a pop of unexpected color. 
Two different types of Washi tape and more rhinestones are another option. 

I'm showing a few different designs but you can do whatever you want.  You can do 10 different designs on 10 cards or do the same on all 10.  All it takes to elevate the cards to the next level is some pretty packaging and you have a great- inexpensive-Teacher's Gift. 

Laters Baby….

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  1. Great gifts! Sorry to hear your little one's health concerns ran so much longer than initially thought. Hoping next year is much brighter!


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