Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 1

Tim Holtz started this summer out right by reintroducing his Creative Chemistry 101 and 102 as a lead in to the all new 103 class. With added material and several challenges, 101 and 102 were a lot of fun and so far 103 has been more than worth the wait.

I decided to just show the tags and save the chat until the end. If you want to read more about the class and where I get manila tags for 3 cents each, then read on my friend. Otherwise, here are a few photos of my class tags Day 1: 
Distress Ombre 
This first tag was made using a custom Ombre Distress Ink pad. While it looks like I used two colors I did in fact use any event I love the way this looks.
Distress Highlight Stamping Technique
The 2nd technique utilities the unique properties of Picket Fence Distress Ink which is a pigment ink that as Tim says "thinks it is a dye ink". I will admit I don't use this pad very often since it isn't all that vivid and in fact does act more like a dye than a pigment ink.  This technique uses the ink as the first layer with a second colorful layer off set above it to give a built-in highlight. This is not my favorite technique and honestly probably the last time I will use it..... but you never know.
Distress Off-Set Stamping Technique
Watercolor is all the rage right now, for good reason because of course it is gorgeous.  This technique starts out using "no line" stamping. Kristina Werner who is a very talented designer and artist demonstrates it often on her YouTube channel.  Distress- Inks, Markers, and Stains work beautifully to achieve a watercolor look. Don't know how to shade? I have learned a lot from watching Kristina and Sandy Allnock on YouTube.... and practice helps too.
Distress Washed Watercolor Technique
This tag uses Distress Markers and I think this is the first time I was able to get a blend I was happy with. I love the little splatters all over the clean white cardstock.

And finally....

Distress Micro Glaze Resist Technique
This gorgeous tag was made using Layering Stencils which add so much interest in only a few steps. Interesting codor combinations is something I struggle with...I find myself sticking to the same tried and true combos and Tim just goes for it. I admire that so much and decided I would follow his color combos to see if I could get out of my comfort zone. He goes for grunge and pushes it farther than I ever do but I love how this looks.  Honestly, I have never used Rusty Hinger before this tag and I am smitten where Rusty Hinge meets any blue. Like with my recent discovery of Aged Mahagony and Victorian Velvet (did you notice them on the dress above) I wonder where the hell have I been? 

Creative Chemistry 103 
You can learn more about the classes at Online Card Classes. This sounds like a commercial but honestly I have connection to Online Card Classes or Tim. I just love everything he does.

The class is only $25 with lifelong access. If messy-but super fun- Tim techniques aren't your thing, Online Card Classes do offer many other classes in a variety of techniques.  If you haven't taken any of Tim's classes before I highly recommend you check them out. I have learned so much and drastically changed the way I create using ink, paper, and paint. While the classes highlight the products under Tim's line with Ranger, many of the techniques can be used with other inks and paints. One of the downloads included in the class is a chart highlighting the properties of the various products made by Ranger but also includes a blank page for writing down your own experiments using other products.
Day 1 of 103 is all about Distress, highlighting the new Distress products Picket Fence Distress Ink, Distress Micro Glaze, and Distress Archival Inks. CC 103 build's on techniques taught in CC 101 and 102  and yet I think you could easily take the class as a stand alone class.  If you have never dragged a tag through a puddle of Distress Sprays you may have to watch the videos a few times to get it but none of the projects are particularly difficult to do. The art is getting the look you want without making mud..but it is only paper and tags are inexpensive enough that I never get upset if one ends up in the recycling bin.  Tim usually demos on #8 manila tags.  Ranger tags are 20 tags for $3.99 or 20 cents per tag.  I buy my tags in bulk from XpressTags which offer #8 manila tags $30.64/1000 or 3 cents per tag; $8.88/100 or 9 cents per tag.  XpressTags do have a dark hole reinforcer while the Ranger tags have a manila color reinforcer, but for 17 cents in saving I will deal with it.  XpressTags offers manila tags in 8 sizes from #1 to #8 as well as tags up to size #10 in a variety of colors including white. They also have metal, plastic, and Kraft ($23.08/1000). 

So that wraps up day 1. Come back tomorrow for Day 3.  Also follow me on Instagram daneepkaps. 

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