Monday, July 15, 2013

Wedding: Rosette Wall Decor

I've blogged about the rosettes that I made for the wedding before; you can read those posts Part 1Part 2Part 3.  Today I want to show you the big "installation" that I made for outside of the barn doors.  I am so in love with this project and sad to report that it rained on wedding day so I had to place it inside the barn- it looked good but didn't have nearly as big of an impact as it would have outside the barn doors.   

Originally I intended to make the piece on tag board or chipboard but Hubby informed me it wouldn't be strong enough to hold up what I envisioned so I decided to use artists canvas.  I grabbed two cheap 18x24" canvases from Michael's.  To begin I made a bunch rosettes in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.  I used about 25 on each of the 2 panels, choosing my favorite ones for the top layer.   
In my mind it seemed like an easy thing to glue a bunch of rosettes down, layer them until they looked pretty and call it a day.  In reality it wasn't so easy.  For one thing the rosettes have very little surface area to actually glue to each other except in the very centers- that is great except if I lined up the centers I would have a tower of rosettes, not a pretty wall of rosettes.  The other issue was the depth of the individual rosettes.  Because I used several different designs from the Cricut Ribbons andRosettes cartridge some folds were very deep and some weren't.  That affected how they could be layered as I wanted them to lay evenly on the each other
To begin I measured out a 6x3' square on my floor and laid down a few pieces of Washi tape to keep the dimensions.  
Then I laid the canvases inside those dimensions so that I could make two pieces that would together measure 6x3'.  It wasn't important to be exact in my measurements but it gave me a goal as I started to lay things out.  I had purposefully made some rather plain rosettes out of the cardstock that I didn't love but got a lot cheap.  I always intended them to be the bottom of the pile.  I laid them out (above) so that they were flat on the canvas and glued them down using LOTS of hot glue.  

As I went along and realized the glue wasn't holding well (it is difficult to glue mountain fold to mountain fold because there isn't enough surface area).  I started adding large circle punched pieces of cardstock along the back of the rosettes in the areas where I need to glue them.  In hindsight I should ave added smaller ones on the top of the rosette below so that I was glueing circle-to-circle...but I didn't do that.   
I built up the design as I went along, paying attention to the size and design of the rosette as well as the cardstock pattern and color of each one.  In the end I didn't use any of the deep-folded ones because I couldn't get them to lay correctly with the other rosettes. 

I made sure the top rosettes were the ones I loved the most.  
You can see that the piece fits "together" in several different ways.  Here I have it very close together but on the barn door (below during a trial fitting) I had them apart and one above the other.  In the end they were one each side of the windows behind the stage-several feet apart.   They look great any
which way.
May your day be filled with Sunshine and Glitter.

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  1. Lovely. And, I like how you can arrange them in several ways.

  2. Love,love these rosettes! K

  3. I love them! I made them for the first time for my mother's 60th party! I love yours.

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  5. Beautiful job! I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers!

  6. These are awesome - I love them - I am presently making mustache pinwheels for a birthday party but yours are so lovely... found you through On Display Monday - am following on Pinterest....

  7. so so so pretty! i love those paper medallions and your wall of them is just beautiful! wish i was planning a wedding again, i'd totally copy ;)

  8. These are so gorgeous! A cluster of them would look beautiful in a little girls room too! Found you through Project Inspired...pinning these!

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  10. I absolutely love these rosettes ~ so pretty. I will be spotlighting them as my Feature of the week at tonight's Project Inspire{d}.

    Have a lovely week,

    Mary Beth

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  12. Walls are blank canvases that need to be filled. Such wonderful rosette wall decor did a great job in beautifying and filling up those blank spaces. Who wouldn't be happy to see those colorful rosette? Small as they may seem, still, they never fail to uplift the mood of the space.

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