Friday, January 29, 2016

January 12 Tags of 2016

I going to try to keep up with Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of 2016 this year cuz I wasn't so good about it last year. This year Tim is taking a unique approach...he is revisiting two prior tags and merging the techniques in new and interesting ways.
For the January tag Tim revisited his Chalkboard Technique and Industrious Metal Technique.  You can read all about Tim's tag here.
From Tim Holtz
I am going to admit straight away that I have never been able to correctly do the Chalkboard Technique.  Tim uses a Ranger Embossing Powder called Frosted Crystal Antiquities and then lays chalk on top of it. I have tried so many times to get this to many times.  The problem is that there is a sweet spot in heating the embossing powder.  There is a moment between still having powder and shiny melted plastic when Frosted Crystal is matte but melted enough to grab on to the chalk. This moment has eluded me every single time I have tried this technique...even when I am SURE it is matte and not over melted, I can't make it work.  It is frustrating because Tim has provided very detailed photos and instructions and he makes it look so easy time after time and yet I fail.

I've always end up using white embossing powder on my image and then going over the cardstock with chalk to fake the look.  This time I didn't even have any of the Frosted Crystal-my dog knocked over the jar last time I was using it- so I went straight to the white embossing powder.  Yes, it feels like I cheated... but then again I wasn't a stressed out frustrated mess at the end either.

I made 3 different versions of the tag. It is a really fun design and I enjoyed mixing and matching imagines and embossing folders to get totally different looks. 
For the Industrious Metal Technique I didn't have the embossing folder Tim used so I turned to my favorite ones from We R Memory Keepers. They have a new-ish line called 3D 

ABC 123
I LOOVVEEE these embossing folders. They are spectacular with foiled cardstock as you can see below.
These are foiled using Heidi Swapp Minc foil/machine and the Gemstone Embossing Folder but I am sure that a pre-made foiled cardstock would look just as great.
The first design was the closest to Tim's tag. I used the gears from Tim's Industrial Blueprint stamp set. I added hardware, gold embroidery floss and seam binding.
The second one was also made from a stamp that came from the Industrial Blueprint...this time I chose the lightbulb.
Again I added hardware but on this one I decided the lightbulb filament needed to be wire. I used 2 different wires, one a thinner gauge and one a little thicker and simply bent the larger wire to fit the shape of the stamped filament and then essentially sewed it in place with the thinner wire.

My final tag turned out to be my favorite. Here I used butterfly stamps from Finnabair.  I took a class this summer from Finnabair and she is an incredible artist but also an incredible person.  She really takes a laid-back attitude toward art and is a very encouraging teacher who really wants her students to understand the products and enjoy the process.
Here I used the honeycomb folder from the Gemstone set. I again added the gold embroidery thread and also added gorgeous Moonstone sequins from Simon Says Stamp.  The butterflies are so fun and whimsical and even more so with Idea-ology Pen Nib bodies embellished with seam binding.
I have been posting my projects to my Instagram DaneeKaps.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wedding Moodboard: Inspired by Metallics, Chalkboards, and Vintage Rhinestones

If you missed my last post then you missed my long winded explanation about Moodboards and why I couldn't stop making them.  If you want to learn about Moodboards and why I am making these you can read all about it here however the long-story-short version is simply that they are just addicting and fun to make. 

Even if you aren't in the market for wedding ideas, don't leave yet. There are still some interesting objects, talented artisans and fun websites linked to these these 3 Moodboards. Hey, you might even find yourself with another Instagram obsession (cough ** The Meringue Girls** cough).  Take a  few minutes to look at all the pretty pictures.  

All of my wedding Moodboards are inspired by invitations from Paperless Post.  I have always enjoyed the process of having something to act as a constraint to rein in my creativity and in this case, using an invitation as the starting point is a great way to spring forward.  It is a way to keep me on taste and force me to keep thinking until I get it right. Whether I keep doing wedding Moodboards or not I will do more Moodboards for projects. 
The Metallic Wedding
This gorgeous metallic wedding starts with Kate Spade's Evergreen Stripe in Gold.  I love all the bling and fun details in this Moodboard and you find more inspiration for this wedding at my corresponding Pinterest board.  The balloons and metallic tissue fans are from Anthropologie's incredible wedding site BHLDN. The entire site is overflowing with everything gorgeous and everything wedding.  You will find unique wedding decor, gorgeous bridal wear, beautiful bridesmaid dresses and shoes, jewelry and headpieces .  The site is a great place to get ideas and inspiration for a wide variety of weddings.

The gorgeous wedding cakes are from an article about Metallic Wedding Cakes where you can find more gilded and beautiful cakes.  The fingernails are the stuff of my metallic dreams.  They came from Addicted to Fashion's Tumblr. Finally those shoes....WHOA those shoes...they come from an article that is nothing but shoe porn or as it is titled the top 20 wedding shoes...needless to say I pinned several to my various Pinterest wedding boards.
Pink Chalkboard Wedding
I decided to showcase a completely different wedding look in this third wedding Moodboard.  Here we have a chalkboard-inspired wedding full of girly pinks, frothy tulle and enough gold metallic highlights to glam it up and play off the rustic chalkboard. The wedding dress is a showstopper with an unexpected short front that is perfect for highlighting a stunning pair of shoes
This wedding started with the Paperless Post invitation called Chalkboard Garland.  All of their invitations seem to have coordinating "save the date" and "thank you" cards as well as menus and programs making those choices easy if you want everything to match.

I love how this wedding plays casual and elegance off each other. This dress is STUNNING and those shoes are perfection. I love that neither the dress nor the shoes compete with each other but both look incredible together. The short/long"waterfall" dress is not something I usually even like but it works so well in this design. Yes, the bride is The Hill's Whitney Port and yes, that is her real wedding dress.  The beautiful wedding cakes are done by Liz Marek from Artisan Cake Company who makes jaw-dropping beautiful cakes like it is child's play. I found the cakes here but you can find more about Liz on her website and even take online classes from her website The Sugar Geek Show where she offers an incredible range of topics from basic cake decorating skills and advanced carving projects. The flower girl's cotton candy dress is made by Amandy Folz and avail be at her Etsy Shop Alora Safari Co
If you are planning a chalkboard-inspired wedding be sure to check out my Pinterest board for this wedding because I had a lot of ideas I couldn't work into this Moodboard.

Very Vintage Rhinestone Wedding 
I wove my way back to a very vintage wedding in this next Moodboard. The details in this wedding are pure vintage rhinestone and I literally swoon over this board.
The inspiration behind all these rhinestones is the elegant gold "Save the date" card called "Rose Appliqué" I love the detailed gold medallions on the top and bottom of the card and used this as  inspiration for the highly detailed pieces I chose for the Moodboard.  Like the chalkboard-inspired wedding Moodboard above, this wedding Moodboard came after much editing of my Pinterest Board; there are many more gorgeous ideas there. 

The stunning Pistachio and White Chocolate Rose Meringue desserts came from the Instagram of one of my favorite artists The Meringue Girls.  They are not bakers or dessert makers, they are artists. Every single thing they make is perfection to look at and a cacophony of flavors that has to be something one never forgets. Sadly the are in England so I haven't had the pleasure of tasting anything of theirs but I did just get their first cookbook to peruse.  You can watch them create their mad genius on their YouTube channel.

With the dessert out of the way lets talk about the rhinestones....the ring bearer's pillows is from Millie Caro.  The entire site is full of incredible bead work that will inspire anyone with a love of vintage rhinestones.  The stunning wedding gown came from a story on beautiful lace-back gowns and is the work of the very talented Veluz Reyes who designs ready-made and custom gowns. 

I just love the soft pinks, purples and blues against the vintage rhinestones and pale golds of this Moodboard. This is the type of wedding that the guests wear black tie and candlelight and mercury glass are a must at the reception.  Even if you are no where near planning a wedding, I hope you will find looking at my Moodboards gives you inspiration for a beautiful home decor project, a pretty Thinking of You card or an elegant piece of jewelry.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Moodboards: Paperless Post Wedding Moodboard

I was inspired by Paperless Post to pick a favorite wedding invitation and put together some ideas and  a Moodboard for the event I imagine for that invitation. Whoa....Moodboards?  Artists and interior decorators have long used Moodboards to set a mood and keep track of ideas in a concrete visual way. Moodboards can be a large cork board, a piece of paper or a notebook...anything that can hold your ideas can be a Moodboard and what works for one designer may be different from what works for another.
Brandon's Vintage Barn Wedding
Those of us who got married BEFORE the World Wide Web was actually useful know it was a whole different world. I think of those days as the dark ages. I got married in 1994 and yes, the Information Superhighway existed, but retailers had yet to figure out how to use this platform to reach consumers and Google co-founder Larry Page, was still an engineering student at The University of Michigan (Go Blue!).  Pre-Google search engines were...lacking...Alta Vista anyone?  Oh, but who remembers when everyone on TV gave out website addresses as "H T T P colon backslash backslash W W W dot website dot com"... yeah, good times.

In 1994, websites had long #$%!# addresses, but content was mostly limited to a homepage with bad graphics in awful colors-yes, COLORS plural- and little else. Obviously, things have changed and there is no doubt that it is INCREDIBLE to have so many ideas simply one click away. I longed to have a recommitment ceremony, simply so I could plan a wedding with today's plethora of resources. There are so many ideas online today that one can simply pick and chose and plan for any type of wedding. But all of this readily available information can easily be incredibly overwhelming to even the best DIYer and for anyone with little-to-no design experience, it quickly becomes a nightmare of over stimlulation.  Finding new and interesting ideas was tough when I got married in 1994, while today's bride's biggest issues is EDITING.

When I first started using Pinterest, back in the dark ages of the site, I loved it because I could use it as a  place to save ideas, keep track of all sorts of websites with a click and a picture, and use it as a Moodboard.  It has served all 3 functions well at first. Gone were the days of saving hundreds of random scraps of paper; papers that end up hidden deep in an "idea" notebook never to see sunlight again. I no longer had digital folders full of hundreds of bookmarks for websites I never thought about again and I did use Pinterest as a Moodboard-and I still do for very specific projects. But my love affair with Pinterest quickly grew and my pins found themselves just as deeply hidden as those little scraps of paper except the mess was online instead of in my house which was a big bonus. As of right now I have 105 boards and 6.7K pins here.  Too many pins to really use as inspiration without editing so in come Moodboards.
Moodboards are the answer to Pin-aholism and are so. much. fun. to. make. I think we may have unleashed an obsession that might reacquire an intervention.  No, like I am SERIOUS.  I.N.T.E.R.V.E.N.T.I.O.N.
The first inkling that I might have a problem was when I couldn't choose ONE invitation.  Seriously the Moodboard above is my initial group of"favorite" invitations (to made them fit I made them all squares). Liking too many it isn't really a BAD problem to have so I just decided to go with it, pick the ones I liked and see what I could find to go with them.  I figured after I saw what was out there to go with the cards, maybe I could edit my choices?

Mood Board for Photoshop from Stuck with Pins
My second move was to find a Mood Board template and that was simple and easy to use. I like to use Photoshop though I am sure there are other options if you just Google. I found there are quite a few pre-made .PSD and .PNG Moodboard files and I just grabbed a free one from  Stuck With Pins.   (In all honesty I made the Invitation Moodboard last and I had that .PNG file in my stash and I am not sure where it came from).

So armed with my Photoshop, my Moodboard template and the internet I went at it and made a few Wedding Moodboards.

My first one is a gorgeous Elegant Vintage Wedding with an invitation called Josephine Baker. After I chose the invitations I started pining things onto Pinterest boards and this was originally a Steampunk theme but I went elegant and not so literal I guess.  The invitation has a Gatsby 20's feel as well. The original Pinterest board is here.

This dress is exquisite and sadly the Pinterest link is broken so I have no idea where it came from. I LOVE the baby pink color and the ethereal layers are so delicate and contrast with the corseted back- perfect for the fashionista bride who wants to make a statement. This reception is romantic-the scent of roses heavy in the air and candlelight everywhere.  The elegant white and gold lidded jars are in fact cookies made by the amazing Julia Usher .