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Wedding: Centerpieces 3 Tags and Flags

The final major component for the table decor was the table numbers.  I wanted something that was a show stopper and highlighted the vintage theme.  I'm have to admit that I wasted 2 days of work before I designed something I felt worthy.  That means 3 different design angles (and lots of tags and cardstock) ended up in the "vertical file" as a former teacher used to call the trash can.  
Early on I knew I wanted the numbers to be on a flag of some sort....Ah, but what sort?  Isn't that always the proverbial questions? 
After I designed a flag that I loved (more below) wasn't needed wasn't yet the showstopper I knew it could be.  So, I played some more and came up with 3 components that together gave me everything I was looking for in the "piece(s)".  

Maybe it is a tad overboard...a little too much....a bit over-the-top, because when Brandin saw the flag all by itself (after I confessed to the lost time and trashed designs) the conversation went like this: 
Brandin: "I love it" 
Me: (giggling from fatigue and brain cramping) "This is only 1of the 3 pieces" 
Brandin: "Oh, I would have been happy with just that" 
Me: "Oh, but I wouldn't" I show her the final design with all 3 pieces.
Brandin: "ok, you're right"
Me: (of course I'm she kidding?....never a doubt....well maybe a little doubt....a few nights of lost sleep....a stress ulcer...trashed designs, paper flotsam and ribbon jetsam all over the studio floor,  a trip to the ER...meds.  No, I'm kidding....well I'm kidding about the ER and the meds; the rest is true)
I LOVE the way this project turned out...and I am NOT going to show you the horrific garbage I made prior to this.  It is that bad and it is filed safely away in the garbage dump. 

To Make FLAGs: 
1. Start with large #12 manilla shipping tags.  Add all-over color to 30 tags with Distress Inks and a little Archival Ink (on the edges) using an Ink Blending Tool.  I followed the same techniques for all 30 tags up to this point so they looked alike.  

2. Add water droplets (Tim Holtz's Spritz and Flick) and dry everything with a heat gun.    

3. After the ink is dry attach 2 tags together, back-to-back, by running a small amount of double sided adhesive down the center.  I did this-rather than simply coloring both sides of 1 tag because when I do a lot of inking like this, the backside of my tags become hot messes.  The various embellished Mason jars definitely had a "back side" but I wanted the table numbers to be legible from all sides.  

4.  Next trim the ends into the flag shape using a paper trimmer.  By attaching the tags back-to-back with a small amount of adhesive before trimming them into the flag shape ensures they match perfectly.  Remember, it's the details.
5.  Attach either antique lace or ruffled tissue paper along the bottom edge using double-sided adhesive-VERY sparingly to attach it on the inside of the two tags.

6.  Sew a straight stitch around the tags using a sewing machine.  Now the tags are attached together permanently and securely.  Be sure the adhesive attaching the two tags and/or the lace/tissue are not in the line of stitching if possible to protect the sewing machine from getting gummed up.
Pretty Peony by Impression Obcession
7.  Using Encore Gold pigment ink stamp either a Stampin'Up hydrangea, text, french script (an OLD stamp that I LOVE), or a large peony (above) randomly around the background.  This is something you should not do after your 3rd glass of wine because need to pay attention to "which end is up" on both sides of the flag or you will be redoing said flag.

FYI: the hydrangea stamp is one I have had for over 12 years and one I go back to again and again.  It has long been retired but last week I noticed that it is being offered as part of their current Best of 25 Years celebration as part of the Best of Flowers Stamp Set.  You can find it here.

Stampin' Up hydrangea stamp 
8.  Stamp large numbers using Distress Embossing Ink, Gold Embossing Powder and Tim's new-ish Numeric stamp set.  Emboss with heat gun.

9.  Stamp wedding date using Amy Tangerine date stamp with Broken Glass Distress Ink as shown.

10.  Make aqua seam binding bow by wrapping around fingers at least 4 times and tying off with another piece of ribbon. Attach through the hole.

11.  Add pearls-varying the size, location, and number of pearls.
12. Flag Pole: Paint wooden barbecue skewers using Tarnished Brass Distress Paint.  (I am not sure why it is Brass and not Gold because sure looks like it is gold to me).

13.  Punch two holes in each tag and run the skewer through.

14.  Top off the flag pole by adding a plastic pearl bead onto the top of the skewer.  The skewers are tapered at the top (better to thread your chicken my dear) so add a tiny drop of hot glue to hold the pearls in place.

To Make Large TAGs: 
1.  Start with 15  #8 manilla shipping tags.  Ink background using Broken China Distress Ink and an Ink Blending Tool.  Distress edges with Brushed Corduroy.

2.  Spritz and Flick (if in doubt Spritz and Flick I always say).  Dry with heat gun.

3.  Stamp the sentiment using Black Archival ink.  I used a stamp from Tim Holtz's Good Thoughts stamp set.

4. Cut 2 inch strip of  Tattered Rose DistresCoredinations cardstock; scallop one edge using scissors or die.  Attach to tag.

5.  Using hot glue attach ribbon over joint between tag and pink cardstock.

6.  Attach plastic pearl trim over ribbon by wrapping around to back of tag and applying a small amount of hot glue.

7. Using Alterations Tiny Tabs and Tags die cut file label from cream cardstock and round tag using gold glitter paper.

8.  Ink edges using Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink and Ink Blending Tool.   Using Idea-ology Remnant Rub-Ons attach words to label and attach to tag using 3M Quick Dry paper glue.

9.  From Alterations Word Play cut "b"(or couple's last initial) from laminate of cream cardstock and vintage French book paper.  Ink edges of "b" with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink.  Cover with Ranger's Glue and Seal and dip in Rock Candy Dry Stickles.

10. Attach tag and "b" to a Idea-ology Jump Ring and attach to tag using a second jump ring.

11.  I did NOT make a clean back for this tag but you certainly can.
Large Tag...COMPLETE
To Make Small FLAG TAGs
1.  Die cut 15 #2 shipping tags using Alterations Tabs and Tags from Tattered Rose Distress Coredinations cardstock. 

2.  Ink edges with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink.  

3.  Die cut the smallest rosette from Alterations Sizzlits Mini Rosette in pink cardstock.  

4.  Using punches punch 1" scalloped circle (Martha Stewart) (blue polka dot) and a 5/8" circle (dark peach).  Attach as show using hot glue.  

5.  Ink ALL edges with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink

6.  Pull apart Christmas garland in old gold color.  

7.  Using hot glue attach mini rosette to tag with piece of garland between the two as shown. 

8.  Tie simple bow using small scrap of vintage lace and thread.  Place lace into bow shape and tie thread around the middle to make it appear as if it is a tied bow.  Hot glue in place. 

9.  Attach to a small piece of the flag pole as made above.  

10.  Attach the pearl bead to the top of the flag pole- if the skewer is tapered you can do as above but if it is flattened on top (from cutting it), use a tiny Glue Dot. 
Mini Tag....COMPLETE
I used vintage flower frogs to hold the 3 tags together.  I found that on most frogs the center spikes are closer together than the outer spikes and will hold the skewers but if they are too far apart use a small piece of fabric or cotton to wedge into the space.  This is will allow the flag poles to stay in place.
Tags and Flags.....COMPLETE

I have one more small component I used for the centerpieces to show you.  

May your day be filled with Sunshine and Glitter.

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  1. Beautiful! (of course) I am wondering where you get your large tags, because they sure don't carry them in the local office stores.

  2. Just dreamy! Love the way these look and your sense of humor! I think we do our crafting with about the same passion and lack of sleep! :o) You did an outstanding job! DId you use frogs for all the bases? I used dollar store parmesan shakers as bases. Check out the beach themed wedding centrepieces that I made to see what I mean.



  3. What a great blog you have! I'm your newest follower! Thanks for linking up on Made in a Day!


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