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Aging Sucks so Embellish an Idea Journal

I finished my tag for the CC2 Week 4 Challenge (need to photograph it)…I certainly don't want to miss the cut off this week!  I also finished some tags for Creative Chemistry 101 and am knee deep into a project commissioned by my friend Sarah.  Sarah commissioned something  for her MIL for Mother's Day.  I don't know the recipient and the only thing Sarah said is that she L.O.V.E.S gold and white and scrapbooking.  Hmm, that leaves the field wide open doesn't it?  I will show you what I made but for now I will keep it a secret except to say I pulled all of the gold products in my studio.  That includes paints, mica powders, (imitation) gold leaf, embossing power, glitters (several different shades), pigment inks (2 different shades) and papers.  The variety and shimmer happening on my studio desk is OUT OF CONTROL.  You know that nothing makes me happier than shimmer….I only hope the recipient feels the same!  I spent all day yesterday making components that MIGHT find their way on to the piece.  Honestly, I don't have a good idea of what the finished piece will look like- truth be told this is true of most of my best projects.  Unfortunately, I think this MIGHT be why I am such a messy crafter.  But I digress...I was making components…I inked and stamped papers that may be used for the background, I made lots of rosettes, punched petals and butterflies from gold leafed cardstock, and I tried to spray some ribbon with gold Glimmer Mist but I didn't have the right shade and it didn't show.  Now the hard part…putting it all together.  I'll post pictures when I finish.

Today I wanted to share a fun project that elevated my Idea Journal from MEH to awesome.  I have taken to carrying this journal around to jot down ideas right when I first have the idea.  No matter how sure I am that I will remember an amazing, clever, and always awesome idea…. I don't…I mean I forget parts…enough parts that keep me re-remembering the idea….and it is so freakin' frustrating.  I know I have forgotten some life-changing ideas.  Really I have.…..L.I.F.E…..C.H.AN.G.I.N.G…I'm talking cure-cancer or solve-global-warming caliber ideas.  For sure.  No really.  I Blame it on age... cuz aging sucks.  Even if 40 is the new 30, aging still sucks.  I no longer only see my physician for flu shots and the occasional sinus infection.  Now days I go so often I am actually on a first name basis with the girls that work behind the glass and I have specialistS as in more than 1.  Aging sucks.  The wrinkles are increasing exponentially and the grey hairs are like antibiotic resistant bacteria getting harder and harder to deal with.  And I forget things.  That isn't entirely true.  I remember every lyric to any songs released from 1978 to 1990.  Aging sucks.  I take my medications, watch my diet (and blood sugars), listen to Oldies 103.8, and use any trick I can think of to help me remember.  I use the Notes App on my iPHone, have hundreds of Stickies on my Macbook, and carry my Idea Journal.  The really important stuff that I just cannot forget…I tell my 6-year-old to remind me.

The hardest part of using my Idea Journal was getting myself into the habit of using it. I bought a few small, boring journals but couldn't get into using it consistently so it never became part of my day. Then I bought this Moleskin, embellished it to fit my personality and it was easy to fit it in my life.  The main ingredient in my journal make-over is Washi tape.  Washi is so much fun and the little rolls of craft perfection are  inexpensive…the problem is they are addicting... you can't stop at just one.  For a projects like this one, you can use any number of different tapes.  If you choose to use several different tapes, then the cost of those tapes- building your collection- would be the biggest expense in making the journal.  However, once you have the tapes, you can make a lot of journals, or other projects, from a roll, making the project relatively inexpensive.  I will be showing lots of Washi projects in the coming weeks so go ahead and get a few rolls.

Washi Embellished Journal
How to:
1. Journal- I used a Moleskin (from Target).  You can use any journal- book.  It might be fun to decorate your child's school notebook.  The Washi elevates the journal so you don't need to start with something expensive or fancy.  Cheap is great.

2. Washi Tapes that you like- I used 5 different tapes but you can use any number of different tapes.  Consider using only 1 gorgeous tape in the same pattern I did mine.

3. New pencil or pen. I used black because it looked nice, but how cute would a traditional yellow one be for a teacher?

4. Adhesive- Washi is tape so you probably don't need additional adhesive but you may need a dab here or there.

5. Embellishments: anything you want to add.  Be creative.

Simply stick the tapes down and rub gently. Washi is pressure sensitive rathe than adhesive intensive.  I like to rub back and forth down the length of the piece.  For this project I wrapped the ends around and cut it off with about 1/2 inch on the inside cover just to be sure that it stays in place with all the use a journal gets.

You can use the tapes in any design that you can imagine.  I love the addition of the metallic tape for added interest.  My design is all straight lines with one horizontal tape over all the vertical tapes but consider...
  • add a second horizontal piece
  • weave the pieces to get a basket effect
  • use a few short pieces rather than running the length of the journal
  • make a ruffle 
  • use  monochromatic color
  • made a pattern with color- rainbows and ombre are on trend as is tangerine. 
 I added tape on the pencils by simply wrapping it around and sticking it to itself, then clipping the ends into a flag shape.

You can add any additional embellishment you want- or keep it simple with only the Washi tape.  Be creative….look through your scrapbooking supplies.   I added a Basic Grey chipboard letter "D".  First I painted it with 2 coats of *Martha Stewart Silver Metallic Mutli-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint.  After the silver paint dried, I used Martha Stewart Silver Glitter Paint, applied  with my finger which ended up giving it a cool patina since it wasn't a solid covering of glitter.  I attached the chipboard letter using Glossy Accents.

*I love Martha's paints.  They are far superior to any of the other craft paints I have used.  The texture -both wet and dry- is similar to that of Golden Artists Paints but with a much smaller price tag.                               

Washi is so easy to use and come in so many colors and patterns that you can make multiples in a short period of time and relatively inexpensively.  I love that depending on the tape and embellishments you can make the journal charming, sophisticated, whimsical, cute,….whatever style fits the personality of the owner.  Think about adding rub ons (look for light or white rub ons for dark journals, colored rub ons would be pretty on light journals), letter stickers (write initials, names, words, or phrases), or rubber stamps (use a permanent ink like Staz-On). Avoid bulky embellishments which would look terrific but make writing on the back of each page a real challenge.

A Washi decorated journal would make a perfect gift for teachers, coaches, and babysitters.  They are easy to make in multiples and relatively inexpensive making them great for neighbors, teammates, coworkers and book club members.  Because they are so easy to make, let your teenager make them to share with her friends.  They make a great scouts project.  Really anybody would love a pretty journal decorated just for them.

Don't forget to check my Washi Board on Pinterest.  I currently have 124 project ideas and I will continue to update it.

On final thought- Washi Tape is a masking tape.  Traditional Washi is made with a Japanese paper which is translucent.  I think the translucent paper is what makes Washi so special.  I see tutorials for DIY Washi Tape all over the blogosphere.   All the tutorials I have seen use regular paper -or even fabric.  Essentially, whatever is on hand.  I fail to see how this DIY product is Washi.  It could certainly be pretty if made well, but it is paper (or fabric) tape.  I fail to see the advantage of a DIY dupe of something that costs only $4.00, especially when the dupe lacks the translucency that makes the original so special.  However, I have seen lots of DIY tutorials for making cheaper versions of a popular paper craft product.   I am rarely impressed with the DIY version but if you are curious YouTube is full of video tutorials.

I bought my Washi at John Derian in NYC and Michael's however there are lots of online resources.  Some that I found include:

Laters Baby….

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