Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl(s)

My beloved father passed away 4 years ago today.  In a matter of a moment our world spun on itself and was forever changed.  Suddenly The Paullin family was without it's fearless leader.  The leader that had gone to hell and back trying to stay alive for us… his girls.

FOUR?…..4?…IV?  It is just a number after all.  Four years ago…..It has been 4 years…. Four years have passed….. nothing sounds right now does it.  What is true is that time marched forward.  It is impossible to believe.  When he was ill I was so scared of the passage of time because I was afraid at what it would bring.  But, never did I imagine that AFTER he passed away, time would continue to fly forward.  It should have stopped, like my heart.   The truth is my heart would never have survived any slowing of time so maybe time passing forward is the Universe's way of helping us heal ourselves.

My dad was so in love with my mother, adored his daughter's (Me and Michelle) and dotted on his granddaughters (Ryann and Ally).  He also loved his boys (son-in-laws Rick and Jason) and the grandsons (Cole and Chase).  He was loved right back…..
With Chase