Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teachers Gift #2

I purchased this set of cards also at Target.  They are blank inside.  The card front came printed with all the polka dots but is intended to be decorated with product they sell along side the cards.  My store was pretty picked over but they did have alphabet stickers and butterfly stickers.  I'm not exactly sure what else they sell.  Instead of embellishing them with what I thought were frankly lame stickers I added my own embellishments.
First I grabbed 2 letter stamps from a Making Memories alphabet stamp set.  This set is for my MIL (shhhh….don't tell her) so I grabbed a capital "M" and "K".  Using silver pigment ink I simply stamped the letters in the lower right corner of each card.  It didn't photograph well but in person the monogram is much easier to read and has the shimmer of a pigment ink.  You could use any color of ink, any size stamp or even stickers or rub-ons for the monogram.

After the ink dried (pigment ink takes a second or two to dry) I added the Pink Polka Dot Washi to the top edge.  I  love the look of the Washi tape used as a faux binding.  Finally, gathering all my willpower I added only one simple rhinestone.  Before you start embellishing willy nilly, be sure to consider what design the card already has.  What is the design? What colors are used?  How busy is the design?  Is there free white space?  You can "dry fit" several embellishments if you aren't confident enough to just start sticking them on.  My card has a lot of circles and a lot of bright color going on .  Because it has a lot of look, I had to tone down my normal exuberance.
When I was stamping the cards I grabbed the envelopes and added a monogram to each one. I stamped my MIL's last initial in the lower right corner of the envelope.   Again, you could use any design and any color here….be adventurous.  
Although this looks like another card, it is in fact the box the cards came in.  I added the Washi Faux binding on the top of the box to mimic the card.  As I rummaged through my embellishment stash I happened to stumble upon the rhinestone stickers that look like they were made to go on this box. The set came just as I applied it and  I love the way the box turned out.  

If you don't have a big stash like I do then grab a set of cards that you like and look like they could use some embellishing (as in don't buy a set all glittered to within an inch of it's life because that card DOESN"T need embellishing).  Grad a pack of rhinestones in a color that either compliments or matches.  Add a ribbon or Washi tape- something that you can either run along the border or tie around the fold edge of the card.  Finally, grab something to ground the card.  You can add an image (think of flowers, rosettes, butterflies, birds, or bicycles) or a monogram in the lower right corner.  Use stamps and ink OR rub-ons OR stickers.

I will put all the cards back in place and tie the box with a pretty pink ribbon.  Voilá….a gift that cost a few dollars but looks expensive.  And it is handmade and from the heart….priceless.  

Laters Baby….

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