Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kindergarten Valentines

My kindergartner has to take Valentines to school right?…so I was planning on getting something together this week so he had time to address the envelopes himself- as requested by his teacher.  That is until I read the newsletter Friday- which thankfully I read Friday... often I don't read it until the next Tuesday.  The newsletter informed me (yes it was supposed to be a reminder) they are doing a little Post Office as one of their "centers" and they were due Monday.  Yikes….and they needed envelopes.  I asked him if he cared if they were purchased or if I could make them and since he didn't care…I made them using Photoshop.

All brushes are from Rhonna Farrer
I admit it was hard to make a "boys" Valentine card.  Am I the only adult who vividly remembers the anguish of giving the right kid the right sentiment?  I didn't want to give the gross boy who picked his nose and had green teeth a card that said "I adore you" or girl that called me names a card telling her "I love you".  So, I assume a boy would have even more issues.  Or maybe a boy's mom does.  Anyway, I tried a couple different designs and asked him which he liked best.  He went with a Steampunk hot air balloon and a minimalist color palate of black, white, and a splash of red.  Obviously I wanted to add crystals and glitter- in fact I even went so far as to ask my daughter if she wanted to send HER friends cards this year…cuz if said "yes" there would be glitter and crystals flying everywhere.  Sadly, she turned me down….flat….with a "we don't give out Valentine's anymore".  Oh…so what age do we again find it OK to send Vanlentine cards to our frinds?  Twenties?  Thirties? When we have kids?

What did your kids send?  Did you make something fun for them to hand out?



  1. Looks perfect for the young boy to send. very creative.. love the jewelry too.
    look froward to your next post.

  2. Love this! Miss A doesn't get to have a real Vday party at school they are doing a couple activities thru the day and cards are optional yes I said optional. Totally bummed she's getting gipped out of parties this year. We are going to send cards in for her to hand out I think we'll make some instead of buying premades.


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