Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Direction Bracelet

One Direction

Justin Timberlake
If you are the mother of a tween, or a teen, or if you listen to pop radio, you certainly know who One Direction is.  If you are lucky enough to NOT know who they are…congratulations, your ears probably aren't bleeding right now.  I jest.  No really, I am kidding…there is nothing wrong with a good boy band.   In full disclosure, I will admit that Justin Timberlake...formerly of ' NSYNC... aka the ultimate boy band... is my celebrity crush.    

One Direction is the Britsh spawn of X Factor (British Edition) and more specifically Nicole Scherzinger.  As the story goes, the boys auditioned for X Factor as soloists, but failed to qualify.  All was not lost when Nicole Sherzinger (THE Pussycat Doll, acting as a guest judge) suggested they join forces.  It was a stroke of genius because, not only did it work- they qualified as a group- but they reached superstar boy band status in record time.  They placed 3rd in the competition but Simon signed them to his label anyway and the rest, as they say, is history.  And by "history"... I mean a year ago.

One Direction
From the time they auditioned as a group, this boy band has hit the world running.  Even during the early days of the X Factor, there were girls waiting for them outside the auditorium.  As girls all over the world hung posters in their rooms, changed their ringtones, and used their photos as wallpaper, the boys recorded their first album.  Social media played a huge part in their quick ascension to the top of the boy band ladder.  Imagine all the squealing tweens posting "I love Niall Zayn Liam Harry Louis" on their Tumblr or changing their FB relationship status to "in a relationship" with Harry Styles (yes that is his name).  In a calculated move by the studio honchos, the boys are forced to like to tweet each other in order to make it appear  close... even though they met only 5 weeks before their first X Factor appearance.  No matter my cynicism... their rabid fans don't care…. they just want to be a part of the Twitter frenzy leading to their current almost 4 million followers. Oh, and I had no idea of any of this until I hit Wikipedia...

So, One Direction is taking over the world…this is indisputable.  How do I know?  Because my niece has tickets to see them in concert…. in Detroit…..June 12, 2013….Yes you did read that right….2013.  Part of me wonders if that isn't a little optimistic of the band.  The other Part of me is really impressed and a little star struck over it.

In honor of my niece's infatuation with the band I made her a bracelet.  To keep her company for a year while she waits to see the concert.

Wanna make one for your Tween?  Super easy.  I printed a  variety of pictures of the boys on regular printer paper on my InkJet using "best" print quality.  I sprayed the entire page with a clear sealant spray but if you use a laser printer or toner based copy you can skip this step.  You can also seal the picture with packing tape before you glue it down.  I purchased the bottle caps with jump rings attached.  They came with a template for the inside so I traced the template and cut the boys out.  I use a thin glue dot to hold the paper in place and then covered the picture with a Bottle Cap Epoxy Dot.  I also purchased large jewels intended for the bottle caps... because every boy band bracelet needs some bling.  I purchased everything at Hobby Lobby.

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Laters Baby….


  1. Oh you are just the BEST Aunt ever! Way to go! Thanks for the pop culture education LOL

  2. That's such an amazing gift - you're a fabulous aunt! Also? I feel exceptionally uncool as I've never even heard of One Direction.

  3. That is so cute! I'm sure she'll love it! Loved the One Direction tutorial. I was at the bowling alley with my 7 y/o and his baseball team this week and saw the video for "Beautiful" by them or whatever the song is called. I didn't realize the song I liked was by them. They are everywhere! The 2013 thing IS crazy!

    (Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny this week!)

  4. Thats's Awesome! Wow tickets for 2013 i didn't. Know theu sold a year in advance. Have a great weekend!

  5. This is such a fun bracelet! I bet your niece loves it. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays!

  6. Very clever - a teenager's dream! Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change


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