Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4th of July Garland Part 1

I am all about the patriot this year.  I hate to even admit as the wife a Lt. Col that I never decorate for the 4th of July.  Somewhere between school ending and school starting the summer holidays just get ignored in my household.  But this year I really wanted to make some fun Patrotic decorations so I made the cute cupcake rosettes and "sparklers" you can find here.  I also made a fun garland that consists of 3 parts.  Today Part 1.
The "flowers" are simply cupcake wrappers-regualr and small- that I bunched up and glued with hot glue.  If you simply bunch up the center of each layer and add hot glue.. then the next-bunched up- layer you end up with a textured and fun flower.  I added 7-9 wrappers per flower.

The center is a 12x1 inch length of crepe paper.  I used Martha Stewart Fringing sheers to cut it into a fringe, rolled it up, snipped of the bottom to make it shorter and used hot glue to attach it.  You could start with a smaller width of crepe paper but the fringing sheers are hard to work with on small pieces so this worked better for me.  

While it is difficult to see in the pictures, I brushed Martha Stewart Glitter glue randomly on the edges of the cupcake wrappers and the tips of the center fringe and glittered with Martha Stewart Fine Crystal Glitter.   I like to keep my most-used glitter colors in plastic containers so I can just dip the item into the glitter and or scoop it with a spoon.  

The flowers were hot glued to a long length of white ribbon and small pieces of a silver metallic ribbon were added along the white ribbon for sparkle. 
If you have ever seen the work of or taken a class by Margie Aslett Romney, you might recognize this as a Junque Bow.  My life is forever changed by the Junque Bow.  I know how to tie perfect puffy bows and elegant Martha bows but there is just something about the fun and craziness of a Junque Bow.   Not to mention they sorta look like fireworks.
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  1. Very patriotic! Love the simplicity of the project. Would be cute for any occasion. Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize!

  2. Soooo cute! Thank you for sharing at Creative Things Thursday!

  3. This is adorable. Pinning it now so that I can make it in the future.


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