Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Make 4th of July "Sparklers"

I guest posted on Anna's My Life and Kids let week and here is the project that I made for her….

I am currently head-over-heels for Rosettes and more specifically…. prize ribbons.   
Literally…I cannot get enough of these things.  Here I used them as cupcake decorations along with the gold sparklers (tutorial below)
You could make all the prize ribbons the same…or vary them as I did here. 
You could use just the Sparklers or just the prize ribbons.
Before I can show you how to make the sparklers... we must discuss the cupcakes.
You see…I hope you NEVER serve your beloved family another BOX mix cake….ever….again.
And why would I DARE suggest this?  Because of Martha Stewart.  I know….I know….stay with me here.  Martha Stewart, the queen of all things domestic---- and usually complicated---has gifted the universe with One-Bowl Chocolate Cake.  It is as advertised…one bowl….a dump cake as it were. 
The recipe is available on her website: the cake and the cupcakes.  Please give it a try.  You will be surprised how easy it is and it tastes soooooo much better than any box mix I have ever tried.  You will then be able to brag that you made it from scratch! You don't have to share that it is as easy as a box mix. 
The magnificent tasting frosting is Brown Sugar Buttercream.  I admit that this is NOT as easy as opening a can but tastes like…you have died and gone to heaven.  It really doesn't compare…you will lick the spoon, the knife, your fingers, the bowl, the counter.

Excuse me as I step off my soap box….If you DO try either of these recipes, let me know what you thought of it…the experience, the taste, the look….

The Sparkler Tutorial:

This is so much easier than you would think.  First I will share my technique for getting small pieces of tinsel to add just the right amount of sparkle to all of your projects.

We begin with tinsel holiday garland; I’ve found it readily available for most holidays.  In fact, I actually bought a blue garland with red flags for this project but in the end I didn’t like the look of blue tinsel.  I raided my Christmas stash and grabbed this beautiful gold tinsel garland.

You will also need wooden skewers (these are BBQ skewers from the grocery store), hot glue, and wire cutters if you want to shorter the skewers.  That is it.
The garland is made up of the tinsel with a thin wire-or two- that run the length and keep it together.  You need to remove the wire in order to end up with a soft, pliable piece of tinsel.  All you need to do is grab about a few inches of garland on one end and pull….it will pull off of the wire.  Check the piece you pulled off for the wires and pull any of them out.  In the picture you can see the wire was easily removed from the 6 inch piece I pulled off and remains attached to the rest of the garland.  That wire is what holds the entire thing to gather and as you pull the wire out you are left with a pliable length of garland that can be pulled apart into smaller sections.  
Start with a 6-8 inch piece of wireless garland.
 Put a very small dot of hot glue at the tip of the skewer.
 Glue the end of your garland length to the top of the skewer.
 and twist the garland on down the skewer.
 when you reach the end scrunch the garland up towards the top. 

and glue with another small dot of hot glue.  You will need to fluff out the tinsel to get a better shape.
If you prefer you can make longer sparklers and use them in flower arrangements or other decorations .

Laters Baby….Danee


  1. those are really fun.
    my daughter (the 13 yo baker of the house) was walking by as i was looking at your blog and she had to stop for a second look. since she is the cupcake extraordinaire of the house i am sure she will be all about making those fun sparklers for our july4 block party.
    oh...and who knew you were from michigan...the only reason i mention that is because my oldest son is in MI for the week. just thought i would mention that.
    and thank you so much for pinning me and my lollies. i have really enjoyed making them of late and now have converted to some patriotic themed ones. love your compliments girl. have a good one.

  2. Love your July 4th decorations, looks like you are ready!! K

  3. What fun! I absolutely love love love rosettes and yours are gorgeous. I am a box cake kind of girl but I will check out this life changing recipe. If it's as easy as you say I will even give it a go. So glad you linked up at Etcetorize!


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