Saturday, December 1, 2012

Revisiting my 2011 Holiday Projects and Tutorials

I disappeared…again.  Sorry about that….too many things getting in the way of creativity a my soul.  Well really too many HEALTH this getting in the way.   First, my teenage daughter had an upper GI Tuesday and hasn't recovered as quickly as I would have assumed.  Second, a family member had a horrible health scare that really left us all nervous, helpfulness and stuck in a bad place.  Thankfully, it appears to just be a scare.  Finally,  I had prolotherapy to my shoulder which left me with a big bad Ouchie.

Prolotherapy is a lovely procedure that involves injecting glucose into a ligament in order to cause scaring and therefore leaving the ligament less elastic.  I've posted about it before so if you want more info go here.

Okay….today I shall make an attempt at creating…crafting… making pretty stuff as Heidi Swapp would tell me.  I have some new Sizzix dies, Tim just posted his December 12 Tags of 2012 tag, I have a commission for a Christmas banner, and I'm ready to go.  Christmas is fast approaching…as is Hanukkah (we celebrate both) which begins on my birthday..Yikes 45!  How is that POSSIBLE?  And my daughter's 14th b'day- HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE (yes, I AM screaming for real).  December is busy in the Kaplan household.
Pop back in tomorrow- hopefully- I will have lots of stuff to share.  In the mean time, I want to share some of the projects and tutorials I did last year in the hope that it will spur your creativity  this December.

Mercury glass has been gaining in popularity for the last few years and this holiday Pottery Barn is filled to the brim with it.  Click here to see their beautiful offerings. Want to make your own Mercury Glass?  It is really quite easy and I have a tutorial. 
Mercury Glass Tutorial and Decorating the Vase
Mercury Glass Candlesticks
Mercury Glass Ornament
 Pretty Package Bling
 My Packages 2011
Santa and Reindeer

Advent Calendar
I have a lot of Pinterest Boards where I pin projects and ideas  mostly from the blogs I frequent.   My point?  You will actually find unique pins on my boards. 
Check out my Pinterest Board for Advent Calendars 
 My Pinterest Board for Christmas
My Pinterest Board for Hanukkah  You are correct….this picture has nothing to do with Hanukkah. 
My (Misspelled) but beautiful 2011 Mantle 
Do-Over….Spelled Correctly….still beautiful and sparkly
Holiday Cards 
Wreath Making Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 
(Yes, I show how to make a Halloween wreath so use your imagination….think Red, Green, Gold Santa, Candy Canes…OR Blue, Silver, Star-of-David…the techniques still apply)
My Pinterest Board for Wreaths 
How to make Hybrid Tags
My 2011 Daily December 

My Pinterest Board for Daily December Albums
How to use Garland in craft Projects 
It's Cheap, plentiful, and adds a unique sparkle. 
Ok, time to make some NEW Christmas projects for 2012….See you tomorrow.

Leave a comment (or email) and let me now what you are making-or your are decorating (colors, trends, symbols, etc) for the holidays this year.  A picture or link to your blog post would make me ecstatically jump for joy and maybe do a dorky dance step or two.  

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  1. Oh, oh, oh! So many fab projects. Where to start? I shall definitly try some of these. Love all the little goodies in the Advent calendar. My decor is quite limited this year...thank you, kittens.

  2. Wow what beautiful projects. Love the mantel. Thanks for sharing at "I Gotta Try That" Have a great week!


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