Monday, December 5, 2011

Hint: How to Use Garland in Your Craft Projects

I always like the way garlands look in the store but hate the way they hang on a tree.  I found a way to use the pretty little pieces in my Christmas projects.
Garland comes as a long piece.
Get a smaller piece simply by pulling with your hands; you 
want maybe 4-5 inches. 
Grab the first 1/2 on the end and pull it off.  You will see
that the garland is held together on a string and nylon thread.
As you need it you can just pull off a small piece. 
I like to use pieces about this size.  This white garland would
look terrific anywhere you want a snowy look. 
Some garlands have 2 different types or sizes of tinsel when you
take it a part giving you options.  One of my favorite garlands ever
had a white plastic "filler" that made it fluffy.  I tossed the 
filler away and use the gorgeous, vintage looking tinsel. 
I used the small pieces behind a rosette.  I simply hot glued the tiny
sections all around the back of the rosette.  
Here I used the little pieces to resemble a next.  
I used Glossy Accents on this piece.
You can see- look closely- the tiny pieces I added under 
the feathers on this vintage-inspired ornament. 


  1. I just love how that garland looks! I would have never thought to pull it off the strand! Great idea!!

  2. something to save those partly raggedy garlands.


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