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Wedding: Centerpieces 4 (Odds N Ends)

My final post about the wedding centerpieces is finally here.  The tables we used were quite large so I needed the centerpieces to be to scale.  The food was served family style which meant I needed to stay away from height in any of the centerpiece components.  So instead I went for length- I used a lot of elements of varying heights, sizes, textures and colors to give the centerpieces interest.  I love the way they turned out and so did the bride.
Photo by Lee Benson
The tables were covered with white tablecloths with burlap runners.  
Photo by Lee Benson
 Each table had one large Mason jar filled with flowers and embellished with a seam binding bow & tags as I showed in this post.  The flowers were gorgeous. The focal flowers were beautiful white peonies- there were actually two different types.  Pale peach delphiniums, light peach roses and small white daisies completed the pretty bouquets.   A variety of interesting greens added texture and interest.  The flowers fit the vintage barn vibe perfectly. 
Photo by Lee Benson
The buckets were hanging on Shephard's hooks outside lining the aisle.
Photo by Lee Benson
This is the bridal table. You can see that I added two of the large Mason jars full of flowers and the two embellished scented candles to this table as well as several of my decorated bottles.  
Photo by Lee Benson
The bridal table didn't have a number on it- good thing as I had exactly 15 flower frogs and not one more.  The other 15 tables looked similar to table 7:  Each table had some Mason jars, several votives, and embellished lids but there wasn't a set pattern or number at each table.  
The components that have already been discussed in a prior post: 
Photo by Lee Benson
Embellished Bottles 
Flags and Tags Table Numbers

Today I want to show you the final two elements I used on the tables.  The first I used on all the tables. 
 Many of the Mason jars we used were vintage and came with these awesome lids.  I kept staring at them as they sat in a sad little pile on my studio floor.  They just sat there begging me to use them....but how?  One day it hit me- embellish them and use them to hold tiny votive candles.

Embellishing them was simple.  I used a small amount of hot glue and the same ribbons and trims I used on the jars themselves.  I had planned on using sand in the bottom, but we had the rocks from Brandin's mom and they worked perfectly.   The votives came from Hobby Lobby and those babies burned for 8+ hours.  Seriously!  I joked it was like the Hanukkah Menorah.  I couldn't believe it.  I lit a few at 2:00 when the meal was about to be served; leaving most of them for later in the evening.  I lit the second group around 4:00 pm and most of them burned until I blew them out at 10:00 pm- including some that were lit in the first round.

Finally, these cute chalkboards were at the bridal table in front of each member of the party.  They are made simply by painting chalkboard paint onto small artists canvas.  I used them for another party a few years  ago and still had them hanging around.  I added the cute bows to make them more wedding-y and that's it.  Perfect repurposing.  
This is the best shot I have of hte actual tables with the table settings.  The teal napkins really added the pop of color that topped off the entire look-that was all Brandin as I had no idea she had ordered teal.    I hope I get better photos when the photographer's photos are done-if I do I will share.  Until then- this is it.  

May your day be filled with Sunshine and GLITTER.

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  1. What a beautiful job you did on this wedding, you should be very,very proud! K

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