Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wedding: Centerpieces 2 Dressed Up Mason Jars

I wrote about the flower portion of the centerpieces in my last post.  Today I want to show you the other mason jars that I had scattered around the tables.   I had a variety of jar styles and each got a different look.  There were not an exact number of each for the 15 tables so I scattered them randomly around so that each table had the same basic look but achieved with different components.   I do want to warn you that some of the photos were taken at 2am on a night that I pulled an all-nighter so the photos aren't super great.  My Give-A-S%$#-factor was low at that point.  Now that I am well rested I wish they were a little better.
The jars were a hodge podge of vintage, new, and new-made-to-look-vintage Mason and Ball jars.  I did clean all the jars with hot soapy water and removed all the hardware- mainly because some had their metal hinges missing and I needed them to be consistent.  They also were bulky and interfered with the bows I put on the some of the jars.
Design 1.  I wrapped the twine around the jar 4-5 times, knot it leaving at least 3 inches of twine to attach the bow.
I layered burlap ribbon (it is a wire-edged ribbon I got at Hobby Lobby) with a piece of wedding fabric which was simply ripped-I loved the frayed edges.
I tore the pink fabric only slightly smaller than the burlap ribbon.  Finally I added a big fun 3D bow made from twine.
I hot glued the edges of each layer together.
The bow was made using the same technique as the seam binding bows in the last post. Wrap the twine around your 4 fingers (keep fingers close together for smaller bows and slightly apart of larger). The bow is simply tied onto the jar using the twine already on the jar.
Design 2

The same ribbon and torn fabric are used but placed on the bottom half of the larger jars.
The fabric was ripped into thinner strips and tied into a bow around the lip of the jar.
The bow is a simple "rabbit ear" bow.  Finally I hot glued a row of the cut pom pom ribbon (Melissa Frances) around the top of the burlap ribbon.
Design 3
This design was made using the seam binding bows (like the twine bow) and adding a few tags. 

 The tags were made using the Alternations Tiny Tabs and Tags die.  I laminated book paper onto cardstock and ran that through to get the circle and rectangle tags.  The heart was cut using another die and cut using decorative cardstock.   Everything was distressed using Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink. The rectangle tag was further embellished with Dry Stickles Clear Rock Candy  I added a pearl from Idea-ology Baubles and connected everything to an Idea-ology Charm Clip using Jump Rings.  The Charm Clip was attached to the seam binding. 

May your day be filled with Sunshine and Glitter. 

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  1. They're all beautiful. I'm wondering what happened to all these beautiful jars after the wedding.


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