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Wedding: Tutorial for Scented Candle Redo

Brandin wanted to have a "signature scent" for the wedding.  Being that I haven't scoured bridal magazines, Pinterest, or wedding websites- I don't know, but I assume- this is a "thing" for modern brides.  I love the idea.  A great candle is GREAT and really adds to an ambiance.  Add scent memory and you have a Wedding Winner. 

Choosing a signature scent for a wedding does have a few criteria to should consider.  Be sure both the Bride and the Groom like the scent.  This seems obvious but in the flurry of last minute details it is easy to leave the groom out of those "little decisions" as one runs those last minute errands.  The candle will be burning at the reception...where there will also be eating.  Food and candles are tricky.  The candle can't overpower the delicious aroma of the meal the guests are enjoying.  So choose wisely and set the candles in areas to minimize their effect on dinner.  Finally, choose candles that look pretty and fit your theme.  If the fragrance is to die for but the container screams "Hotel Chic" do what we did....make it gorgeous. 
Ugly Candle
Old Credit Card
Adhesive Remover-I used Detachol
Paper Towels
Hot Glue
Decorative Paper

Make It: 
Our candles came with ugly blue patterned labels.   First we had to remove the sticker label.  Usually I would start by soaking the label in hot water.... but do that to a candle and you will have a perfect paraffin hand treatment before you can say "WAXMELTS".  So NO hot water....I went to my next go to adhesive remover...scraping.   To save your manicure use an old credit card.  I also used a product I keep on hand called Detachol.  This is a medical grade adhesive remover that I get at my local pharmacy.  It isn't cheap but it really works.  Other products like Goo Gone and Un-Du should work as well.  Because the stickers were so big, it took a combination of scraping with an old credit card, Detachol, and wet paper towels to get the can relatively clean.  
Let the Decorating Commence!  This first candle is pure elegance and sat at the brides table.  I mean please!?!  Brandin had a copy of vintage sheet music for Here Comes the Bride.   I could have used the actual sheet music-and I probably would have it if it was mine- but I didn't want to cut it up so I scanned it into my printer and copied it onto Epson Presentation Paper.  It was simply cut into strips and wrapped around the candle tin and hot glued where it overlapped slightly.  This pretty look was finished with a strip of self-adhesive rhinestones and a pretty pearl adornment was hot glued on.
 The second candle was also wrapped with a piece of the scanned/copied sheet music also attached with hot glue.  I added an outline of a peony that was cut using a Memory Box die and glued with small dots of 3M Quick Dry Paper Adhesive.  Finally self-adhesive pearls in various colors and sizes were scattered around and a pretty Prima faceted rhinestone was placed in the center of the peony. 
The third candle was wrapped with burlap ribbon... which just happened to fit exactly.  Which meant I didn't have to deal with raw edges.  If I had cut a regular piece or burlap or even ribbon that had to be cut to size I would have covered the raw edges with trim.  The ribbon was hot glued.  A piece of die cut trim (Grunge Paper covered with book paper cut using Tim Holtz Alterations On The Edge Scallop die) and a die cut heart (also Grunge Paper covered with book paper) were hot glued on.  The letters spelling "I Do" are Tim Holtz's Alpha Parts that were painted with gold Paint Dabber.  Finally a velvet ric rac ribbon was hot glued along the bottom.

A fourth candle was made but I can't find a good photo of it. It was covered with gold glitter paper.  If I get a photo I will amend this post.
You can see from this horrible side shot that I added a rosette and strips of pearls.

Have a day filled with Sunshine and Glitter....
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  1. The candles look elegant and lovely. I have to admit I would avoid the scent because of allergies.


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