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Wedding: Rosettes Part 1

More about Brandin's Wedding and what I am  doing...
You know I love Rosettes and they are very on trend right now.   Brandin wasn't so sure about them, but I knew I could make them look great and in a form she would like.  I want to have the flexibility to use them to cover a large amount of wall space or hang from the ceiling so I know I need to make a bajillion.
I started with collecting the scrapbook papers and cardstock.  Keep in mind, I don't have access to a local scrapbook store anywhere near me so I had to shop online.  This is always a little scary as it is hard to know exactly what the colors really are when you only have an image on a computer monitor.  I lucked out and bought a lot of Rhonna Farrer's collection with Pink Paislee called Christmas Junque.  I have all of the papers in the digital form, so I had an idea of what the colors would look like. had a huge selection of Christmas Junque on sale for $0.10/ sheet of the 12x12 double sided cardstock.  Is it the best idea though? Hmmm lets see...
  1. Large number of sheets available…check
  2. Confident I know the true colors of the paper and they match beautifully to wedding colors….check
  3. Cheap…check
  4. Christmas Paper…what? In June?
In this case Christmas paper works because the papers either don't have an all-over "Tis The Season" design or at least one side of each paper has a fairly standard non-holiday design.  You can see that some of the papers (below) have a motif or two scattered on them that are Christmas specific.  The questions then become:

  • Can I use the other side of the paper? 
  • Can I get enough use of the paper without using the portion of the paper with the motif? 
  • Once the paper is accordion folded, is it even possible to tell if the design is more "visions of sugar plums" and less "I DO"?
  • Can I cover the holly leaf or the "pretty little girl in the red coat with the white fur trim" with add embellishments (photos coming later)?
This paper certainly is usable  and for $0.10 PER sheet it is worth working around these little "issues".
 Source: Rhonna Farrer Designs
The colors of Christmas Junque are perfect but I bought a large variety of textures, weights, colors and patterns within the color palate.  I want the rosettes to give an air of whimsy to the space. allows you to shop by color which really helps in a situation like this- I can't imagine trying to go through all the paper that a site this large sells.

Cricut Cartidge
Cricut Ribbons & Rosettes Provo Craft
After the cardstock arrived at my house I had to get started cutting the pieces.  While it is possible to make rosettes using a scoring board, HOWEVER, making the number that I need would be way too time consuming.  It is bad enough with the Cricut cutting them all out.  I used the Ribbons & Rosettes cartridge.

If you have purchased Cricut cartridges you know the prices can vary depending on where you get it so I am listing Provo's Cricut Shop price.  The cartridge is available for $49.99 or through Craft Studio for $31.99.  
You can cut the rosettes, borders-in several sizes and designs, a single motif and it's shadow, and a frankly odd alphabet with holes in it.  Above you see a sample page from the booklet that comes with the cartridge.  Isn't that alphabet odd?
The cartridge doesn't lack for variety as you can see.
There will be a tutorial on how to make the rosettes in the near future. 
Have a great Weekend.

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