Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wedding: Painted Votives Tutorial

I've mentioned how terrified I was that I wouldn't have enough decor for the big barn...I was also terrified the centerpieces wouldn't be big enough for the large "8-top" tables.  I also wanted a variety of heights to play off each other.  A mixture of textures and sizes and shapes to give the eye a lot to see and keep it all interesting.  Somehow I got stuck on the idea of using little votives to trickle out from the centerpieces outward and I couldn't let it go.  I knew they would have to be decorated but I wasn't sure exactly how until I happened to get an email ad from Michael's promoting Martha Stewart's new jewelry line.  I clicked on it and watched the video (something I never do).  The jewelry was cute butI was in WEDDING MODE not jewelry MODE.  The end of the video was the thumbnail for the other projects and I saw the pretty jewelry box with the lace...hmmm....clicked on it and Voila, my prayers were answered.    
I am beyond thrilled with how they came out.  They look like real lace has been applied to the glass. 
Martha Stewart Silk Screen Antique Lace
Martha Stewart Glass Paint in White Opaque
Martha Stewart Glass Paint Foam Brush Tops
Martha Stewart Glass Paint Scrapper and Pick Set
Alcohol...No, rubbing alcohol...get your mind out of the gutter
Paper Towels
Glass Votives
Martha Stewart Glass Paints

Martha Stewart Foam Brush Tops
How To:
1.  Begin by cleaning the votives with alcohol and paper towel to rid them of any grease.
2.  Remove the cap from the Glass Paint and screw on one of the foam brush tops.  I tried several methods of applying the paint and this worked the best and was the easiest...double SCORE. 
3.  Remove the silk screens from the package and cut them apart. Remove the backing and apply one to the votive.  This can be a tad tricky but it is important that it lay flat on the glass.  
 You can see this screen is way too big for the votive,
However if you hold it carefully, it will still work and look great.  However, the largest screen of each set was just too big to use. 
4.  Once the screen is in place begin to slowly squeeze the paint into the foam top and begin to dab it onto the screen.
 5.  When the screen is completely covered with the paint slowly peel the silk screen off and you have.....
6.  A beautiful "lace" covered votive.  You will likely get stray paint marks on the glass and Martha has a quick fix....her handy dandy glass scrappers.  They really work and if you are planning on doing a lot of glass painting, I highly recommend you grab a set. 
Martha Stewart Glass Paint Scrapper and Pick
7.  The screens are cleaned by running them under water.  Lay them on paper towels to dry.
8.  Be sure to get the paint out of the little holes.  They will still be sticky enough to use over and over.
 9.  Before you know it, you will 64 votives all painted and ready for sitting on your wedding tables.

We used two different packages of silk screens-Antique Lace and Doily
Antique Lace Silk Screen
10. Clean the foam top by filling the included bottle with water and flushing it through the top until it runs clean. 

That's it....

Have a day filled with Sunshine and Glitter.

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