Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

It is 2012.  I am not exactly sure were 2011 went, but I do know she went there very quickly.  Scary fast quickly.  Really really scary fast quickly.  I am terrified because at this rate I will be pushing senior citizen….hood wayyyyy before I am ready.  I am not ready to be pushing anything…I just stopped pushing a stroller….and…I just became an adult like…I don't know….2 years ago or something.  I mean, LIKE I have a teenager and all, but LIKE really it is LIKE so scary to think she is LIKE already a TEENAGER and I am LIKE….OLD?

The best thing to do is NOT thing about age and pretend it isn't happeneing….right?  Think about those things I am thankful for?  Ok, I can do that….

I am thankful for a few things in 2012:

  • I am thankful for my 6-year-old because I can pretend I am younger…I'm the hip mom of only a 6-year-old not the uncool, old-lady mom of a teenager. 
  • I am thankful for Muvazi facial serum, Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx and Clarisonic Mia.  If I use all three each day, surely I will look 20 years old again…right?  Right?  RIGHT?
  • Pinterest.  Yes I am thankful for Pinterest because I get to keep all my favorite inspirations in one spot and on-line… in virtual…as in no real paper.  AND I get to keep them all organized on my "Boards".  Boards of my own making.  When I need a new one, I simply create one….no trying to find another space on the real wall.   Before Pinterest I would either keep the magazine forever because of one or two good ideas or rip the pages out and try to keep them organized in some binder of "good ideas" that I never could find.  I would be forced to print pages off the internet and try to keep them handy.  Do I need to tell you that those pages never saw the light of day again?   Pinterest. Is. So. Much. Better.
  • Photoshop Elements…gives me a virtual way to craft.  Less messy than all my other forms of artistic expression and  comes with brushes…little things like rubber stamps but in ANY size and ANY color I want.  Nirvana!
  • Mixed Media Art..oh it is just sooo much fun.  Everything I love…paper, ink, fabric, rhinestones, old books….ANYTHING goes so I can keep and collect it all in the name of my art.
  • Twitter…no I don't tweet all that much but the fact that I can contact my favorite author and artists- ask questions or show them my work and then to hear back from them within less than a day- and I have actually done this- blows my mind. 
  • Adele…cause I saw her live last year and it was powerful enough to carry me into 2012…her voice is unworldly.
  • Oh and of course my husband, my kids, my house, my family, blah blah blah….
One last look at 2011…My Christmas card.  If you are on my list you probably realize that I haven't had a card go out in, oh, like 3 years…maybe longer.  I like to make them myself and it just kept getting away from me.  This year I was determined.  Here it is…

Laters…… and Happy New Year…..

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