Thursday, January 5, 2012

SteamPunk Tags

I have a hundred terrific craft projects all planned out and some cool new products coming my way. However… I am not feeling so good. To date, I haven't really talked about my health issues on this blog but they are BIG and UGLY.   I won't bore you with the daily details but know that it does cause periods of downtime in my life and on this blog. Age must be catching up with me becaue I can't even remember if I ever mentioned it on here before- I think I might have as I type this out. Anyway, I have a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome…you know the circus freakes who pull their faces out 10 inches? Yeah, that is EDS… The Classic form...but I can't do that.  No, I have the everything hurts "Hypermobile" form….Lucky Me!   I have the type that apparently makes for terrific Circue Du Soliel contortionists.  I'm being Serious….The Doctors had the head doc from Circue on recently and HE showed a "test" you  could take online to see if you would be a good candidate for contortion-ing and it was the Beighton Score…AKA the actual test used by Geneticists to determine if a patient has Hypermobile EDS.  Oh and the Great Doctor showed some "amazing" MRIs of a good contortionist and a "normal" person.  You know where this is headed right? The GOOD contortionist has an MRI just like ME; Joe the ANY-JOB-EXCEPT-CONTORTIONIST has a much more "normal" MRI.  In a nutshell I have good days and bad days and bad days mean nothing much gets done…and my blog sits.  If you want to learn more about EDS….or you think you might have it, and don't laugh I have diagnosed 3 random people in my life- a neighbor, a classmate of my son and the receptionist where I get my hair done- you can go to The Ehelers-Danlos National Foundation.   It is thought to be greatly under diagnosed.

So now you know why my Christmas tree is still up, my outside lights are still burning brightly….and my studio and kitchen are both a D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.  I just don't feel well enough to do much.  Well much more than shop online.  I ordered some cool stuff to make Valentine jewelry and projects for my Etsy shop…. oh and I played with Photoshop…

 While I like all three, the teal tag below is just making me do a happy dance….from my bed???
All of the projects were made with  digital images from Rhonna Farrer available here; I mostly used images from Punk Junque and It's Time.

I'm off to see my Physical Therapist…

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