Sunday, December 18, 2011

 My first giveaway is in the books and I am 50 pageviews from 10,000.  It might be pathetic but you cannot imagine how happy that makes me.  I never thought I was a writer and while I still don't think I am a GOOD writer- my teenage (she turns 13 this week!) can write circles around me- I have realized that I can write well enough to share my creative life.  Why did I think I couldn't write?  I am a nurse and we write things like "Pt alert and oriented x3.  Pt ℅ SOB, RR 30, HR 88, BP 100/75. O2 Sat 90%. Xray positive for infiltrate; started on PCNG IV"  What?  Did you call your patient a SOB?  What the What?  Oh, what I meant was "Patient Alert and oriented to person place and time.  Patient complains of shortness of breath (Oh… SOB) blah blah blah".  Not exactly flowery and descriptive is it?  That fear of my inability to write kept me from starting a blog for probably a year.  Yes, I have a lot to learn and no, I can't spell, but I'm learning and trying and having a great time.

The giveaway winner is the author of comment 13 "Gwen".  I contact her via email.

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I will be back with more holiday projects.  Can you believe it is less than a week to get everything done?  YIKES


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  1. Oh Happy Day! Looks like Christmas is a bit early for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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