Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine Projects

Today I am heading down to my recently cleaned studio and plan to create all day long. Expect good things to come soon.  I am also thinking of doing a give away in the near future.  Question…would you rather get a craft supply item or something handmade by me?  Leave a comment letting me know which you would get more excited over.

I am super excited to be helping a friend with her June wedding.  When I got married 18 years ago it was pre-internet.  Gasp..can you even imagine?!  I still managed to do a lot of stuff myself and will be sharing some of my projects from both my wedding and my friend's wedding over the next several months.  The best part of helping B. with her wedding is that we have the same taste so it is easy and exciting to come up with projects.

In the mean time I just wanted to share the Valentine projects I made last year.  My garland is being published in Northridge Publishing's handmade paper crafting J/F 2013 issue..Yay me!

Valentine Projects:
These are fun little cards that I made using images from House of 3 which are no longer available but what I wanted to show is how easy it is to take a digital image, lay it over a digital paper and print it out.  You can also take a digital image and simply print it out on patterned paper and get the same look. Then simply add some embellishments to make the craft a hybrid project.  This way you get the best of both worlds: the digital images allow you to be very creative and make it really your own and the 3D embellishments add texture and bling that make the project come alive.

This sweet and simple project I made for my grandmother to decorate her walls in the nursing home.

The Scrapbook below was made for a wedding gift but certainly could also be used as a Valentine gift or use as a place to record your Valentine's memories each year.

Below are a bunch of digital images I played with and printed out using products from Rhonna Farrer.  I adore her digital images, brushes, papers, etc.  So much fun.  This year she released a set that coordinates with last years images (these are last years). I played around with the colors because originally her colors were more peach than pink.  After I made everything more pink I ended up printing both colors and mixing them together…LOVED the combination. 
I added glitter and book paper hearts and rhinestones after I printed this out.
I love decorating bottles for the holidays.  So pretty. 
 Ah…..Swarovski.  Nothing sparkles more.  These are made using Crystal Clay and Swarovski Chatons.

What are you working on for this Valentine's Day?

Laters Baby….


  1. I always treasure something handmade over a craft supply item!! Your work is awesome so it would be wonderful to have something you created! I Love the wedding scrapbook you created..... so beautiful and awesome color combos.

  2. These are all so beautiful! You are amazing, Danee, truly. I would love to spend a day with you in your studio. I have a very modest and minuscule collection of crafting supplies so I don't create too but I would love to see you in action! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!


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