Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wedding Fever

I haven't been in my studio much lately but I have been thinking about crafting…a lot…like a lot a lot. Why? Because I am  helping my friend with her wedding and as with all other aspects of my life I don't know what to say when.  I keep finding new, awesome projects that I just have to do to make the wedding perfect.
I often complain that when I got married it was Pre-Pinterest- and in fact Pre-Interent -but the reality is I might have been overwhelmed if I had this unlimited source in inspiration.  We got married in Michigan but I planned the entire wedding myself while I was living in Texas.  Thankfully Martha Stewart had just published her Weddings book which was my best resource.  In 1994, she didn't even have the Wedding magazine yet.  Even without a lot of resources I still managed to make my own cake,  have the dress and bridesmaid dresses made (I chose fabrics and styles), made the paper for the invitations, and made cookies for the reception and made all the other decisions myself.  Can you imagine how over the top my crafting would have been if I had the recourse  and the skills that I have 18 years later?  I promise to share pictures from my wedding and all the projects I worked on but this post is about B's wedding.
The color scheme is all pretty peaches and dusty pinks.  We are adding neutrals and a pop of aqua and gold.  Lots of vintage items will be used to decorate the rustic barn including tags, garlands, glittered letters, poms, mason jars, burlap, and peonies.
The barn has twinkle lights from a previous wedding so we don't have to string all those but we still have a lot of work to do to make the space look like a wedding.  And the lack of electricity and need for generators will also be a factor.
I love this door and have plans for it….
Simple Song ... tissue paper tassel garland // nursery  // wedding decoration // birthdays // party decorations
Source Pom+Love
 I ordered this aqua pom and some color swatches from Kirstin at Pom+Love on Etsy.  First of all those swatches you see in the photo above are what I received.  I expected postage stamp sized pieces, but I got huge pieces of each of the colors I requested and she didn't even charge me for the swatches.  I did pay for the pom but at $4.50 for a beautifully made pom it was worth it.  Pom+Love gives volume discounts for large orders and sells confetti and tissue tassels as well as gorgeous poms in several sizes.  She carries a huge selection of colors and patterns and makes the most adorable  tiny poms on garlands or stems.
choose your colors ... diy tissue paper garland // nursery // birthday // gender reveal // wedding ceremony // party decorations
Source: Pom+Love
Custom Colors ... tissue paper pom flowers // weddings // birthdays // party decorations
Source: Pom+Love
Kirsten offers a video on YouTube explaining how to open up the poms correctly and how to hang them.  I cannot say enough about how this woman does business.  When I decided to make the poms myself and wanted to order a huge amount of tissue from her she ended up sending me the links to order every color I needed from the sources she uses.  Each individual color had a link.  What an amazing thing to do for me.  So please check out her beautiful work and if you need poms, garlands, confetti or tissue consider ordering from her.

I spent all of yesterday and today trying to find and order all the seam binding, tissue paper, cardstock and patterned cardstock that I need for the projects.  It is exhausting.  I don't have a local scrapbooking store so I have to spend hours on websites trying to find what I need and hope the colors are true enough.  All while trying to get the best deal for my bride.  I will post photos as the products arrive.  

I did get my Distress Paint today so YIPPY For me.  Oh, and I found the recent issue of Simply Handmade Paper Crafting with my Valentine Garland in it.

Laters Baby….

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  1. Wow, I just know the wedding will be beautiful! Can't wait to see some pics. Great job Danee. I am going to look for the magazine that has your article on garland. It's beautiful. K


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