Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time for Tea

My new policy when trying a new technique or when meeting a challenge is to make several different tags.  So for the tea challenge at Simon Says Stamp I made another Tea tag and here it is.
Never one to miss a trend… Ok that a complete lie cuz I sorta always do my own thing and usually a year before everyone else does.  So let me try again.
In response to all the classic movies being released with 3D versions (think Nemo 3D) I went all Tea 3D.  The bottom cup is flat on the card, the orange cup has a Pop Dot under it and the green cup has 2 Pop Dots.  Bam!
The background was made using a Texture Fade.  For those of you have no idea what I am talking about and wonder if this is some sort of technique your husband's barber just performed on his hair, it isn't.  It is a plate that you run through the die cutting machine that gives the paper an embossed texture.  Tim's are officially called Texture Fades and can be seen here.  Sizzix also has their Non-Tim version called Textured Impression you can see here.  The Texture Fade I used is called Patchwork.  So now you are up to speed and it is time for me to admit…with my head hung low…that I got a big bundle of Texture Fades when I got my Vagabond but I never really like them.  I tried to like them really I did.  I would emboss a bunch of tags and then….hate them.  But then Tim released his January Tag with a Texture Fade Background and I had to do a Texture Fade if I wanted to compete.  Ugh…. So I embossed a bunch of tags (as per my policy, see above) that I thought might work and in full disclosure this background was one of them.  And you know what (she whispers)?  I kinda like them now.  It adds so much to this simple tag.  Without the Texture Fade this tag would pretty boring.  So the moral of the story is once again I've been Holtz-ified… hmmm….go figure! 
Gotta run, I have to finish my article for Cloth Paper Scissors…. I HAVE AN ARTICLE GOING IN CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS (She yells fangirling all over her blog).  
Laters Baby….

P.S. My local Tuesday Mornings has a TON of Tim's Idea-ology products at AhMazing prices.  Might be worth a trip if you have one near you.

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  1. Those letters look fabulous painted, Danee, and I love all the texture you've included. Happy New Year!

  2. what fun! LOVE what you did with the embossing :)


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