Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm Back…..Easter Decor

I have been away from my blog for over a week and it feels weird; I am happy to be back.  My family took a trip to NYC to attend our niece's Bat Mitzvah.  I had good great intentions of blogging the trip but the universe conspired to keep that from happening…. I was busy most of the time we were gone, our hotel internet connection was a confusing disaster, and my kids are sick- meaning I ended up spending a fair amount of time playing nurse.  Finally I just gave up and stayed off the net entirely.  Though I expected to need some sort of intervention in order to keep me offline I was thrilled to discover that after the first day I didn't even want to be online.  I'm pretty sure this is a healthy reaction; my kids on the other hand were high-fiving each other when they got back online.  My time away was good- I was busy- and now I am ready to be back.

My in-laws live in New York City.  In fact, they have lived there as long as I have been part of the family.  In the past I would occasionally want to visit a store (Pearl Paint and Kate's Paperie) and they would take me...even though they had no interest whatsoever in these stores.   The issue wasn't their lack of interest but my health.  I suffered from debilitating headaches and migraines from undiagnosed Chiari Malformation.  Now that I am doing better physcially  I have lots of cool stuff to share including things we did, places we went, and foods we ate.  But…..before I get into all of the amazingness from NYC, I want to share my Easter decor and some really cool eggs I made (look for those tomorrow).
 This is the top of my bookcase.  
The charming glass egg was a gift from my mom; it is one of my favorite pieces.  Behind the glass egg is a beautiful print called Dream Upon the Midnight Song by Vanessa Valencia.  I have several of her prints and each work is unique and elegant.  I love how she manipulates paper to convey movement and graceful exuberance.  You can see more of her work at her blog  or her Etsy shop A Fanciful Twist.
The sparkly eggs are paper mache (Martha Stewart brand from a few years ago) that I covered with glitter.  

The mantel looks great but you will notice there is no garland, no banner, no handmade paper thingies. I left the crystal lights from Christmas in place and added a string of tissue paper egg lights.  I had great plans for garlands and lollies and glittered eggs and paper flowers….. but as you may remember my health has been an issue…a big issue... and I spent most of March in bed.  Great plans turned into…..great plans and nothing more.  At one point I wasn't sure I was even going to get anything decorated so I am thrilled at how it all looks.  Be assured there WILL BE more paper crafting in the near  future.


The trunk that sits in the office area has been a new favorite little space for quirky vignettes.  Right now it looks great and it was completely an accident.  I had the Kelly Rae Roberts print sitting there after I took it down from its place on the wall at Christmas time.  It ended up sitting on the trunk and I liked the way it looked for Valentine's Day.  The green shadow box is from a Mouse Paper Scissors class and to be  honest the hardware for hanging it has never been screwed into the back, so it has sat on random horizontal services for months before finding it's way to the trunk.  The combination of the print and the shadow box look terrific- they colors are great together.  While I like the two together…. when I added the nest….Perfection.  The greens and browns from all three pieces look spectacular together.  Eggs are "spring" so I can drag this display out for a few more months. 

Laters Baby….

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