Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things are Getting Crafty at Things Crafty

I have been fortunate to E-meet a wonderfully creative team of polymer clay artists, Ilysa and Kira.  The two talented women have been creative partners for several years, growing and nourishing a community of fellow clay artists and providing educational tools like podcasts, PDFs, and video tutorials.  Recently they realized their little community had grown and was no longer "little".  They decided to take the leap and give the community they started the support and resources it needs to grow.   That meant bringing other artist on board and widening the scope of crafters and types of crafts supported.  Things Crafty is the result of this new vision.  

How do I fit in?  These 2 wonderful women decided I could be a part of this fledgling community as the "Mixed Media" artist.  While I will focus on creating Mixed Media projects and answering the Mixed Media questions in the forum, I am not restricted to ONLY post Mixed Media projects so expect to see my home decor projects and paper crafts show up there as well as a few sewing projects.  I will continue to blog here as well because the blog on Things Crafty is strictly to discuss projects and provide tutorials.  In other words no bitchin' about the hubby, whining about the kids, or emoting about the muffin top…..what's that?   You don't want to hear about that here either?  Oh, emmm….ok……I guess I understand that. 

Things Crafty,  as envisioned to be so much more than a blog…it is an entire crafting community.  There will be a weekly video showing what is happening on the site that can also be accessed through iTunes and it is FREE.  You can find the videocast at YouTube at Things Crafty and follow us on Twitter #thingscrafty1.

Come see what we are making!

Laters Baby

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