Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Decor Part 2

If you read my blog yesterday…sorry but I changed the post and added a bunch of photos…you might want to skim it for all you missed.

Today we start out tour with the other side of the living room:

I added bling (with glitter and rhinestones) this small "happy Haunting" banner and tied it between two candles.  
My potion bottles became beautiful Halloween bottles instead.  I will post more on them tomorrow. 
The picture below is the second shelf of the book case- below the bottles and raven. 
See another Faux Mercury Glass pumpkin?
I embellished the ravens I bought at Michaels.  They all got glittered beaks and legs.  This raven got a jaunty hat as well.  I made it from a vintage book page, black rhinestones, and upholstery fringe which I cut to about 1/2 inch length.  So cute!

I hung the Paper Doll on the wall near the bookcase.  
Notice I changed out the tags after I took the the first picture of the shelf?


  1. love love love it all!! Everything is just fab! You havve mad skillz my friend!

  2. Danee, I hadn'tbeen here in a while and had a blast scrolling back through your posts, landing on this terrific Halloween spread. LOVE! And the hat on the raven? *swoon*


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