Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ginger's Wedding

I have no excuse for taking forever to post this.  Well that isn't exactly true.  That (fur) baby named Maizey is a terror.  She bites....everything.  It has been a challenge and the trainer is coming to our house on Friday to begin her training....Thank God.  But the guilt has finally overwhelmed me and I am back.

We were talking about the wedding I just did right? 

When my friend Ginger asked me to help her with her wedding decor I suspect it played out like this: Ginger and her fiancĂ© tour the church and realize the basement reception space is really boring.  I mean it looks like a church basement space. 
Heart palpitations and panic begins....calls me. So with a small-very small-budget and NO flowers to repurpose I get crafting. 

Some set up shots and a general overview of the decor.  The brown chairs are killing me but that is something the bride decided wasn't worth spending money to go over budget to get white chairs and I have to respect that. 


  1. Lovely work in a hard place. As always, I love your flowers.

  2. I came here from That's life blog somehow. Hats off for your guts! The one thing that caught my attention the most is your comment about the bride being a positive person no matter what and is genuinely happy. How many women can say that these days? How many would stick to their budget and still be happy about their wedding day which is truly all about her love for her man? Too many people over spend and are unhappy because it's not the "perfect" day they read about or imagined based on some magazine ideal! Hats off to the bride whoever she is! This fellow Michigander is impressed by her attitude and your perseverance.


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