Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Here...

OMG Y'all...I'm still here.  A wedding, a broken toe, a new baby in the house....Well I have been busy.

A Wedding:  Recently, I received a briefcase filled with peach, mint green, and grey tissue paper, a DVD and the photos below.  The DVD message:  Your mission- should you choose to accept- is to transform one UGLY church basement into a beautiful, romantic wedding reception for 140 have 17 days and only $900.  Oh, and there are no flowers (except the bridesmaid's bouquets) and the place settings are paper and plastic. The following are photos of the space that you will transform. 
 Is this a joke?
UGH!!!! How much time? How much money?
This space is so ugly the photos will self destruct in 24 hours. (If this is your church basement...I'm sorry if I offend you but really, if your church basement is this ugly...I'm kinda offended).

You know I cannot pass up a good challenge so "MISSION ACCEPTED".  Plus I like the bride.  She works at the studio where my daughter dances and I have known her for many years. She is one of those people who genuinely is happy and keeps the energy positive no matter what. I had told her last summer that she should call me when she got engaged-which happened in August- so I am not at all sure why she waited until 17 days before the wedding to call but, it is what it is.

I will be blogging what I did to transform this horribly boring space into a rather fun and vibrant reception space over the next few weeks. I did a lot of crafting.  A LOT.   I had a small budget and no fresh flowers to work with so I made things....lots of fun things that I cannot wait to share.  Think Paper...and Tim Holtz. 

A sneak peak...
A Broken Toe: Let's just say that I was standing on top of one of these-
Fluffing up some of these-
Left me with this-
Which I walked on for 3 days while I decorated and during the wedding itself.  In fact I didn't' get it    x-rayed until a week later AFTER I had to concede defeat and acknowledge that my ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away treatment plan was a total failure.  Now it is all "buddy tapped" up and I can walk without a limp.  

A BABY? A really cute fur baby has joined our family.  
Her name is Maizey Blu (We are both University of Michigan Alum).  She is a 9- week-old mutt from a Sheltie/Beagle mom and German Shepherd "looking" dad.  After living with her for a week I can say she has a lot of beagle in her. She is full of personality, smells EVERYTHING, and is very smart.  My favorite thing to do- well besides snuggling and getting a face full of puppy- is to yell "run". Usually after the second "RUN" she takes off running full speed in a chase-and- pursuit that cracks me up.  Who is chasing and who is leading is always in flux and Maizey doesn't care.  She is so cute when she runs, her little legs just a pumping as she tears through the house, skidding around corners.  I swear I can feel her smiling the entire time.  I will have to try to get a video to post. 

I will try to get the wedding posts up soon- all the pictures are edited so it won't take a month to get the next post up.  Fingers crossed that the snow keeps melting!


  1. Adorable puppy! Sorry about your toe. Looking forward to seeing the wedding photos.

  2. Glad your back, of course I was worrying about you. Sorry about the toe, ouch! I have broken my little toes so much, its ot fun. Can't wait to see the wedding photos, know they will be awesome! K


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