Friday, August 16, 2013

More 50 Anniversary Projects: Rosette Garland

The last item that I made to decorate the party for my friends' 50th Anniversary party is a garland of prize-ribbon rosettes.  There are still two project that I made as gifts as well and I will post those later as tutorials.  

As much as I LOVE rosettes...and you know I DO love rosettes....I'm head-over-heels for the prize-ribbon rosettes.  Maybe I showed horses in another life?  Yeah but that doesn't explain why horses scare me a little bit.  For whatever some reason, I love the shape of these ribbons and I love making them.  So many cool things can be added to the ribbons themselves.  Come...let me show you.
I made all the rosettes at home and glued them to the seam binding at the party, hence the glue gun...
 The first thing I did was wrap a few around this candle holder.
I used a vintage French Book page and some gold metallic paper as the ribbons.
The gold glitter "ribbon" adds a perfect amount of sparkle.  I added Idea-ology Remanent Rub Ons on the other two ribbons. there are hot glue webs all over this one.....I know....I'm sorry.... I LOATH hot glue webs...and usually I am so careful to be sure they are GONE before I finish a project but
  1. I was rushing around right before the party and 
  2. I was glueing outside where it was VERY sunny and bright and I
  3. Just didn't see the little suckers and 
  4. I can't retake the photos now that I see the problem because
  5. That would entail 50 some odd people (50-ish people... not 50 ODD people...come on work with me here people) coming back to celebrate a fake party just so I could stage some photos.
  6. So I have to ignore the glue webs.
More book page and rub ons.

I took the rest of the garland inside and hung some of it on this focal-point hutch that sits directly across from the dessert set up I showed you here.
I took this panoramic with my iPhone- the color is a tad off

Another rub on and decorative paper
I am suddenly in love with using 3 "ribbons" (wait, you know this is all paper, right?  No actual ribbons were used on the rosettes) rather than the more traditional 2, and I even used a small tag as one of the ribbons.
I used Washi tape to hang the garland- perfect because it won't hurt the paint.  This is actually a product from Scotch tape.
 I wrapped a small section around the stone vase as well.
You may have noticed that I used maroon and gold rhinestones.  I simply used alcohol inks to color the regular clear ones I always have on hand.  I did several coats until I built the color up to what I wanted.

Hope your day is filled with Sunshine and GLITTER. 

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  1. Very cool. My "take-away" from this post is coloring the clear rhinestones to get the color you want.


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