Monday, June 24, 2013

Wedding: Chalkboard #2 Tutorial

I made another chalkboard.  This time we really used our ingenuity and repurposed an old mirror that Brandin had lying around. It was ugly- I'm just saying- and she hated it so much she intended it sell it in their yard sale.  Sad, because it is huge and huge mirrors are expensive.  I got my crafty hands on it and now it is a thing of beauty.
We made 3 "large" chalkboards so I was surprised when Brandin said we needed a BIGger one.  But I went along with it...then I saw it completed and it all made sense.  The caterers wanted all of the fresh ingredients noted, something that is a trademark of their restaurant, Salt Of The Earth.  I'm so glad we made a bigger board for this because it looked great and part of the experience of eating food from Salt. 

We started with this gold mirror.  U.G.L.Y.  I think it looks cheap because the color of the gold is cheap looking and there are no high or low lights.  Anyway, that is all about it change. 
 (My son supposed to be playing piano but he's hiding for some reason!)
I started by taping plastic down to cover the mirror so I wouldn't have to scrap paint off later.  
I added two coats of Annie Sloan White Chalk Paint, the clear wax and the brown wax just as I described in the tutorial here.
Here you can see I used a much lighter coat of the dark wax and it looks better.  On this board, we used the chalkboard contact paper.  A Google search gave me lots of hits for more inf.  It's widely available including Home Depot and  You can see in the finished board that the contact paper looks great.  It wasn't wide enough to cover the entire mirror so there is a seam across the center, however it wasn't noticeable in the completed piece.
As for how well the contact paper worked as a chalkboard?  It looked terrific. 
Be sure to stop in again- lots more wedding tutorials to come. 

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