Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding: The Colors and How to "Age" Seam Binding

I decided I won't be showing much of the finished projects until after the wedding to keep the decor a surprise for the guests.  However, that doesn't mean I can't give you some sneak peaks. Inspiration
To begin it isn't my wedding... I thought it prudent to listen to some of the bride ideas.  I jest- I'm running everything by her.  I want Brandin and Bill to have a romantic, enchanted, thrilling day filled with love.  Brandin asked for a vintage chic but laid back feel.  She is a very dynamic woman so I need to throw in some fun elements and I want to push her boundaries a little.  You know, show her things she never considered but that she finds she loves.  Isn't that when design is at its best?  I'm not ignoring the groom's role in the mood and look of the day, but honestly I hadn't met him until last week.  From that short time I spent with them, it's all good and we won't be having any problems.

No Modern 2013 wedding is complete without a Pinterest Board or two.  How in the world did I plan a handmade Michigan wedding, from Texas, almost 20 years ago and with no wedding planner.  Not only was there no Pinterest, but the Internet was yet but a fetus.  I got married during the year or so the media spoke of the "information super highway" to a nation that really had no vision of what this would mean.  I did it all armed with Martha Stewart's Weddings Book (first edition and in fact newly published) and a lot of hutzpah.... or maybe it was "ignorance is bliss"?  I can't tell you how many times I've thought how cool it would be to plan a wedding with Pinterest and Martha and now I get the chance.

I have a Pinterest Board labeled Brandin's Wedding with lots of pretty things we are using for inspiration.  Pop on over and check it out or any of my 58 Boards and 4000 pins.

I showed you the color palate previously.   It is a gorgeous sherbet-y combination of peaches, aqua, mint green and cream.
I decided that rather than dying the seam binding myself- remember the red seam binding fiasco at Christmas? If you weren't around suffice to say red dye +100 yards of seam binding + a washing machine = one big mess.  Why I didn't think to put the ribbon in a lingerie bag I will never know.  I had to pick apart 100 yards of knotty, cold, red, dripping ribbon mess.  Ok, I'm back…The seam binding comes in such pretty colors that I decided to just stick with purchasing the right colors.  However, I couldn't leave it all uptight and formal.  Bring on the vintage, shabby chic look please.
All I did was pull if off the roll, give it a quick rinse in plain water just to get it wet and scrunched it up before allowing it to dry.  I put each color in an individual bowl for about 36 hours to keep it scrunched.  When it was mostly just damp I hung it on a drying rack.  Bam...mounds of vintage, romantic, gorgeous ribbon to use on all sorts of projects.

Just so you know- yesterday I had the window open and a light spring jacket.  Today it is snowing.

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