Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tim Holtz July Tag of the Month

Although it is a few days too late, I just completed my tag for Tim's 12 Tags of 2012.
 I added some glitter….never enough glitter I always say.
 You can go to Tim's blog to see a video showing how to do this technique….I will then tell you that I am at my cottage and although I packed A LOT of my supplies- including the canned air- I didn't have the straw for it…hmmmmm what to do?  I grabbed a drinking straw, cut it off and Voilá….Fireworks.
That said, the metallic alcohol ink wouldn't spread into the correct "firework" shape with the drinking straw.  Thankfully I had packed the Magenta stamp that looks sort of firework-ish and my silver metallic pigment ink.

Laters Baby….


  1. I think your splats are fantastic mine are rather lame. The silver stamping is a great substitute, with I'd thought of that! BJ

  2. Great idea substituting the silver stamp for the metallic ink! I had the same problem...they came out looking like blobs!


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