Sunday, July 29, 2012

CHA-New Ideas

I was at CHA in Chicago 10-ish days ago and saw a lot of the same old thing….different package but I also saw some new, fun things.  If you are looking for the new releases from the major companies…I decided it wasn't worth my effort to post ALL of the papers and embellishments that are being released over the next 6 months because they are easy to see on each companies website.  Instead I will be showing some of the products I thought were really fun or interesting.  
Fancy Pants has some innovative products including these cool frames.
 They come in the patterns as shown but it would be so easy to change the color or pattern with patterned paper and Mod Podge.
Their version of the popular Smash Book is the Brag Book.  I loved the layout of the book with it's pockets and pages. 
They make fun calendar pages what fit right in was well as other fun journaling papers. 
   They also make pattern papers in the correct size to fit the Brag Book.  These 4x6 papers are in addition to the traditional 12x12 and 6x6 inch papers.   
You can see more about their products at their website.  Honestly, I had never been to the website before today but I have to say it is very well done.  Their extensive gallery  is a terrific resource for scrapbooking ideas as well as home decor and party items.  I'm impressed that there is a section with free downloadable PNG files.  The Product section is well laid out- by collection-and very easy to navigate to see all the products in each collection.

I think I like this company…maybe it is because they have some fun products or maybe it is because I tripped over the carpet walking through their booth and then had to deal with the awkward moment when  I realized that 1) someone saw me and 2) she worked for Fancy Pants so 3) I was going to have to stop and talk.  We actually laughed about it and I ended up letting her show me all the fun things I posted about here…. even though I never intended to even stop at the booth.  The morale of the story is….good things come to those who trip.

Laters Baby….

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