Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brad, Les Mis, and A Flash Mob

Monday was the season finale of one of my guilty pleasures…and it's a reality show.  I know….I know…. but hang with me here…you will be glad you did.   I don't watch many reality shows… I mean for sure Project Runway and Top Chef are on my DVR schedule at all times but other than that I'm not fanatical about any other reality shows.  That is until I found It's a Brad Brad World.  You see, Brad stole my heart.  Brad is Brad Goreski the same Brad who started out on the Rachel Zoe Project as an assistant to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.  I adored him on that show and was sad when he left her company and TV show after last season.  I was thrilled to see he was doing his own show which premiered this year.  Frankly Brad charmed the pants off me- and a quick Google search of blogs show I am not alone in this feeling- and I am now adding It's a Brad Brad World to my DVR list.

The show is just plain fun.  But no matter how much fun the show was all season it truly went full-on F.U.N. for the season finale.  Brad and his partner of 10 years, Gary, celebrated their milestone anniversary with a big party.  We aren't even to the best part yet…because though the party was fun…there ware celebrities, family, and friends in attendance it was what happened at the party that was so special and the reason I am even blogging this.  You see, Gary- who is a successful TV writer- comes across all season as the uber serious... a little uptight even, older, successful partner.  The night of the party he surprises Brad with a flash mob….  a flash mob…. Megan Mullally…. and Les Miz….does it get any better than this? Enjoy…..

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  1. OMG!! What a wonderful celebratory gift from all of his friends and you are so right, it will never get better than this. My all time favorite song and I have to say , done to perfection. Thank you for this delightful blog.


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