Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Scrapbook Album

My friend,  Dr. Karen saved my life.  Not the way you think.  She didn't prescribe a medication, order a test, or interpret a lab report.  She did come into my life when I needed a mentor, a friend, and someone to just listen to my odd- seemingly unrelated-medical symptoms.   Believe me, she did all that….and more….oh so much more.

Unfortunately, she wasn't MY doctor being that she is a pediatrician….cuz... you know... I was too old for her demographic.  Had she been my doctor there would have been so much less suffering and a much quicker accurate diagnosis because Karen was the first doctor to validate my headaches as real.  It's a long story but in the way of doctor after doctor telling you there is no reason for you to have severe daily headaches you do start to wonder if you are making it up somehow.  You question if you are somehow making yourself sick with the headaches.  You question if you are simply a baby and can't take pain….if you are just depressed and somehow have turned depression into headache pain.   But, while she wasn't my doc, she was my friend,  neighbor,  clinical preceptor (for my  and a life saver.  She spent time with, she listened to me, she saw my excruciating pain and how drastically severe pain was ruining affecting my life.  She believed me and believed in me;  there are no words to express what that meant to me.  Severe chronic pain steals your soul and sucks the life out of it's and and she helped me find the correct diagnosis.   While she  couldn't be my doctor, for sure she was my kids' doctor when we lived near each other and has remained an important medical resource for their health care.  I wish I had the words to convey   She is AMAZING and WONDERFUL and I owe her my life and my world.

This wonderful woman has just given birth to her second daughter in close to a year and a half.  I never gave her a baby gift when the the first girl was born. I kept thinking I would make something amazing, profound and heartfelt but my health kept getting in the way and I never did.  As baby #2 was getting close I decided I needed to do something.  Keep in mind she is a doctor married to a lawyer.  They can buy anything they want so I wanted to give them something that shows how much they mean to me and something unique they can't buy.

I decided to make a scrapbook; something she can't buy?  Hmmmm a scrapbook that compares the girls, month to month.  Since they are so close in age and Karen is a busy working mom, something easy but fun and meaningful.  I made pages for each month up to a year so she could put a picture of each girl and journal a little about their personalities, milestones, whatever.  Karen has beautiful handwriting so I know she will have a beautiful album when she is done.
Inside cover.  I blurred out family details.
1st page for journaling
 A vellum envelope  filled with MS pink heart glitter.
Tied with  a pretty silk hand-dyed ribbon
 Mom and dad before the first baby
All about baby #1 - I blurred her name
An extra page for pictures or journaling 
Pictures of mom and dad before baby #2
All about baby #2- again blurred
Extra page for pictures or journaling
1 Month
Close up
Close Up of Journaling Tag 1 Month 
2 Months
Close Up 2 Months  
3 Months  
3 Month Close Up
Journaling Tag 3 Months 
4 Months 
Close Up 4 Months 
Close Up Journaling Space  
5 Months 
Close Up Journaling Space

Close up of Journaling tag 

7 Months 
Close Up 7 Months 
8 Months 
8 Month Close up
9 Months 
Close up 9 Months
10 Months 
10 Month journaling tag 
11 Months  
11 Months Close Up
Close Up 
Close Up
11 Month journaling tag 
12 Months/first birthday 
Birthday cake for 1 year olds
That is a lot of pictures!
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