Friday, November 18, 2011

Mouse Paper Scissors

Imagine From Mouse Paper Scissors
As I mentioned I am taking two online art classes right now.  The first, Mouse Paper Scissors Give is the 4th class I have taken in the series.  I started last winter with their first class- Mouse Paper Scissors where I made an amazing mirror using some cool text-based paper that each student made using words that meant something to them.  I used my family names, fun quotes, song lyrics, important dates, and favorite words.

In the spring they offered Mouse Paper Scissors Mom.  The intention was to make mother's day gifts.  I made a book that turned out to be a hot mess and frankly needs to be redone before I can give it to anybody- it was a project that even a mom wouldn't be able to love.  No, seriously mom.. you wouldn't have been impressed.  Thankfuly we made two projects- the hot mess and a cool looking stationary set.  My stationary was gorgeous and I gave my mom and my mother-in-law a set.
Hot Mess aka "MOM" book.
I know it doesn't look a hot mess here...
In fact it looks pretty good...

Even without photos….

or journaling….

But believe me….it was one big Ole' Hot Mess is.  
 The stationary set…I loved.  The colors…. the images….. the gold leaf that I used as accent….the seam binding I "hand dyed" (shhh don't tell anyone but you just spray it with one of the mists (I use Glimmer Mist) so readily available or you can buy it on Etsy for waaaaayyyyyyy too much money).
I love using numbers as images.
Everything looks better with a vellum envelope.
The crown is gold leaf.

What will I make for this class?  Stay tuned.


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