Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Quick Little Sharing Moment

I have been playing around with photoshop as you may have noticed from my new blog banner.  I must admit I really have no idea what I am doing but I am getting to the point where sometimes  I like what I make.  I find ink so much more forgiving but that is only because I have worked with it for some many years.  Trying to fix a layer in Photoshop can be daunting- one first must find the layer.

I have just started the online class Mouse Paper Scissors Give taught by Ms. Jessica Sprague, Photoshop Extraodinaire and Ms. Heidi Swapp, Paper Crafting Magician.  I shall share those projects as I get them done but in the mean time,  I wanted to show you a little something I made using Photoshop Elements using brushes from Rhonna Farrer available here.

From this plain Simple and beautiful black "Noel" I added some color, a background
and a variety of brushes….Layers, if you will….. to get…...
…this pretty little Holiday Word Art. I am certainly a beginner 
but I think it looks great.  Subtle but great.  I really love it. 


  1. Photoshop is one of my great joys. You will grow to love it. It's probably in one of your courses, but layers are easier to find if you label them.

  2. Beautiful job!! And yes, naming layers is the way to go ;) xoxo hugs from Conroe, Texas


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