Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What happened to the summer?

I thought I was going to scream when  noticed Target putting up the "back to school" display in early July.  Please, can't I have a little summer before you threaten me with that?  But then I realized that the college kids sometimes start getting ready to head back to class in early August; ok, so MAYBEEEE I  can forgive and forget; just enjoy summer. Then, just as my heart rate slowed to a more normal rate and rhythm, I went to Michaels… where they have for sale a bunch of Halloween stuff… ok, it takes time to craft, so an early start is best.  Buuuuuutttttt then I went to the party store where I heard "let me know if I can help you, My name is emily and I will be in the Hallowen section"- as in Halloween COSTUMES.  WTF?  Who is going to buy a Halloween costume in July?  Ryann went to the mall and came back reporting that Bath and Body Works at their Haloween products out.  Give us a big break.  I and will I don't see them bu
I can't believe we are heading quickly into August.  I love the summer but this summer has been much to deal with.  We have had far too many days of hot humid weather and not enough of the Michigan balmy breezy beautiful weather we usually get in return for putting up with a never ending winter.  We've had to turn our A/C on more days than I care to think about.  I hate the A/C….well I love the A/C because it makes life comfortable but I would much rather have the windows open and the breeze gently blowing the curtains.  I usually delay turning on the A/C until the rest of the family stages an intervention….revolt…. coup.

 I am back soldering charms… or at least trying to.  Sally Jean makes it look so simple…. ummmm….well….. it isn't.  After several disasters and a few ok's, I am at least not horrified by my results.  What makes it tough is the fact that if I make the artwork and then the soldering is a mess- I destroy some awesome artwork.  But if I just solder empty glass it seems like such a waste, especially if one looks terrific.  I had to rescue two charms after I royally messed up the solder.  I broke the glass and pulled the artwork out.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone. 

In the mean time, here are some pictures of the stationary set I made for the
Mouse Paper Scissors Mom class I took in the spring.  Heidi Swapp and Jessica Sprague again taught the hybrid (part Photoshop and part actual paper) project.  I made a set for my mom and for Margie. Their Mother's Day gifts were the Parisian Bulletin Board and this stationary.  The photos are of Margie's set - my mom's was slimier but not exactly the same.  I LOVE the way they turned out.  Heidi and Jessica designed the basic set and we all used the same paper as it came with the class in digital format.  I took matters into my own hands with the embellishments.

Laters Baby

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  1. I'm with you can't believe it's already August and that all those supplies are out. Crazy I think this summer went by the fastest yet. Love the stationary set it's beautiful!!


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