Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh La La

Last week we bid Adieu to Harry Potter.  My daughter posted on her FB wall "Good Bye Harry Potter, thank you for my childhood".  It takes all my will power to keep the tears at bay every time I think about that post.

This week it is back to showing some projects I have been working on.  The first is my Parisian Bulletin Board.  I bought 2 clearance bulletin boards at Big Lots in May.  The photo of the box is more of a "it could look like this" as the entire board and all the accessories were actually white.  All white…100% white….. void of color….BORING.  Of course sometimes all white is good…but not this time.

The "before"
I knew it needed something.  I had recently used an Aqua Glimmer Mist to color some white seam binding and it was really beautiful so I decided to use that as my starting point.  I guess the white and aqua got me thinking "Parisian" and my favorite House of 3 paper "Parisian Anthology"  Somehow all that made me think "gold".  Oh wait, everything I do ends up with "gold" or "silver" something so that isn't so surprising.

Let's begin…. I started by stamping the four edges of the frame with a repetitive diamond border stamp from the House of 3 Soiree collection.  Instead of ink I used Gold Leaf Adhesive.  When the adhesive was tacky I added Gold Pearl Ex.  The Pearl Ex stuck to the glue and also stuck to the frame itself. I left the extra powder there even though I know it will gradually come off as the frame is handled-  there is nothing more than static holding it in place.  I used rub ons to add the word "dreams" as you see in the picture.

Close up of the Gold
After I finished the frame I tackled the magnets.  First I used the Gold Leaf Adhesive and Pearl Ex on the 4 button-style floral magnets that came with the frame.  I topped each button/magnet off with a matching aqua rhinestone held in place with a little Glossy Accents.  Next, I discarded the faux push pins and made 4 new magnets using Parisian Anthology Paper and the Epiphany Crafts Epoxy Shapes Studio.  Adding the magnet was simple- I just used Glossy Accents to glue a small magnet to the back of each and instantly I had 4 unique and beautiful magnets.  The board came with two little white clothes pins.  They turned out darling after I glued Parisian Anthology paper to the front of both.  I applied the Gold Leaf Glue/Pearl Ex to the 2 buttons that hold the ribbon across the board.  I planned to remove the white ribbon but it proved impossible so, I just added the seam binding right over it.  I tied adorable little bows on each end and pinned the clothes pins on the ribbon.
Parisian Bulletin Board

I made a little flower using petal from a silk hydrangea.  I took the petals off the whole flower and pulled the plastic stamen out and discarded them .  Then, I just simply stacked the petals and added a rhinestone center.

Really this is such a simple project with a big impact.  I posted this on my gallery at the huge scrapbooking site 2 Peas in a Bucket and I have received several nice comments- maybe they wouldn't be so nice if they knew how easy it was to make!

a little look at her world from www.sallyjeanalexander.com
I am taking a class by the AMAZING (shouty Capitals intended) Sally Jean Alexander.  Sally Jean is soldered charms.  She was the first to make these beautiful pieces of jewelry and now many knockoffs can be found but none as beautiful as hers.   She uses her own artwork in the pieces as well and her aesthetic is just gorgeous.  I have been deeply in love with her work since I saw her ad on the back of Somerset Studio magazine probably 8 years ago.

Two summers ago she came to Ann Arbor and taught a class during Art Fair.  We made a really pretty flower necklace.  My design was beautiful and even Sally Jean was impressed. Then I got to the soldering and I made it a big ol' mess.  She is teaching another class in August which I originally signed up for- something I have wanted to make ever since I took her first class.  I noticed last week that she is offering "Soldering for Virgins 2" so I signed up.  I am so excited to get my soldering iron and my glass grinder and get busy.  If you have never see her work I recommend checking it out.  It is divine www.sallyjeanalexander.com.

Thats all for now….Laters baby,


  1. Love the pin board! Very pretty!

  2. Very cool board. Enjoy the Sally Jean class.

  3. Love the board, and I'm sad that Harry Potter is over too.


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