Monday, February 21, 2011

Truth Cards

 I mentioned I am taking the Soul Restoration class offered by Melody Ross as part of her Brave Girls Club.  Part of our work for the class is to make Truth Cards.  These are small cards that we decorate to remind ourselves of the truths in our lives, especially at times when we are feeling low, sad, worthless… you get the idea.  I wanted to share a few of the cards that I have made in the last few weeks.  It is hard for me to not worry about the artwork itself.  It is supposed to be more about the process and the emotional work but I love to do the art and get really hung up on that part.  You know me… I never to fail at school work!  This is our last week already…. I can't  believe how fast time has flown by but lucky for me, she is offering a Soul Restoration II this summer.
My favorite one.  Love the colors and the cool background
This is pretty cool. I like crystals I put in the flowers border.  They are
hard to see in this picture.

This is sort of a mess but I like the glitter on the butterfly.
Love this one.

This is the cover of my Timeline.  The ribbon is a piece
I repurposed from a package
I have done some more cards and finally made some art journal pages that  I think look cool enough to show so look for that post later in the week. 

We have been having some crazy weather here in Southwest Michigan.  It started last night but continues today.  The ice storm was predicted to hit and we knew we were in for something spectacular but I've never seen anything quite like what actually happened.  We had lost almost all of our snow and in fact only had the piles were left.  It started snowing exactly as predicted yesterday- at almost the exact time predicted.  The weirdness began almost immediately as we noticed the snow changed almost every time we looked out the window: small, fast-falling flakes-then huge fast-falling flakes- back to small- then sideways-then big again….. We got a few inches and the grass was completely covered before it started to rain.  It rained and froze yet somehow, the snow stayed.  As time went by it looked like it was just rain coming down but closer inspection showed that everything outside was covered with a thick layer of ice.  Then we noticed all sorts of mini-icicles on everything.  At about midnight Rick and I were standing at the door watching the rain as the temperature was hovering at just above the freezing point, and discussing whether we thought the kids would have school, when we noticed the street light went out.  Then we saw a series of orange flashes of light, like you get from an emergency vehicle, but much larger and clearly NOT from a vehicle.  Part of the eerie part was we didn't hear any noise at all.  After probably 3-4 seconds of those flashes we saw the weirdest weather event I have ever seen…there was a flash of a blue/white light (Rick calls it green but we know how color blind he can be at times).  It was like nothing I have ever seen in my life and to say it freaked me out, is putting it lightly.  It reminded me of what you would see in a sci-fi movie when the aliens have landed or a nuclear bomb has dropped.  We went to the backyard to watch some more and it all happened a second time- the orange flashes (which lasted longer this time) and then that eerie blue/white light flash.  I seriusly was FREAKED.  I am so grateful that Rick was home because I probably would have come undone by myself.  Throughout all of this we never heard anything like a transformer blowing but I got on Facebook and one friend had posted about hearing the transformer blow from the area that I'm sure we saw the light come from.  Rick thinks my scary blue/white light must have been a reflection on all the ice in air at the time.  About 20 minutes later I got up and looked out the window again and we had a 3rd series of flashing orange light and our power went out.  Odd that I looked out the window it see it happen but bummer that we lost power.  It was out for 12 hours and cooled down to 55 degrees in the house but we feel lucky that ours is back on as there are still houses without power around here.  I'm thrilled to report that the aliens either didn't land or they got bored and left Portage looking for better, more interesting humans and there was no nuclear bomb deployed in our neighborhood.  Today it started snowing again on top of all that ice and really is a mess.  I saw pictures on the local news of ice needles that feel onto a tree limb.  The trees are encased in ice and we have limbs and branches down all over the area.  The area around the Kzoo airport was still without power late this afternoon with 3 stoplights out on the busy Portage Road.  The ice on the roads was so rough and bumpy, rather than smooth, that it was't  hard to drive on BEFORE the snow fell today, but after the snow it was a big mess of slippery winter weather.  It is a bigger insult because this all came after 3 days of beautiful 50 degree weather.

Here's to better weather…. think spring!

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  1. I didn't see any orange lights, and I was lucky in that my power only wavered a few times, but never went completely out. I am sooo ready to see the tail end of this winter. I like the cards you made. The people I know taking this class have produced really nice art.


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