Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Fun Valentine Goodies

Cute little Valentine Cards to tuck into a gift
Artwork by House of 3

I made these adorable little cards from artwork I bought from my favorite company, House of 3.  I adore almost everything they put out.  They have a digital component -available on their website and new goodies like paper and embellishments with Pink Paislee and Glimmer products with Tattered Angels.  Gorgeous all the way, anyway!  What I love about Ho3 the most is their laid back aesthetic and the fact that they so freely share all their ideas on their websites (House of 3 House of 3 BlogJanet Hopkins' BlogHeidi Swapp's Blog and Rhonna Farrer's Blog) as well as their weekly live show.  The live show is always a treat.  They show us- "the groupies"- how to make all kinds of cool stuff or show off new products, demonstrating how to incorporate them into a project.  But the best part is it is shot in Heidi's studio and her kids are always running all over the place.  It is refreshing to see a mom, who is so successful but has the exact same issues with her kids as the rest of us. 

Dupioni Silk with Faux Pearls and Swarovski Crystals

My new obsession is fabric flowers.  I love all sorts of fabrics but my new favorite are flowers made with 100% wool felt.  Wool felt is gorgeous stuff and nothing at all like the crap that they sell in the craft stores.  That crap is made with acrylic or a blend of acrylic and a small amount of wool.  I hear that you want at least 80% wool but I prefer 100% wool.  It is hard to find don't get me wrong….  I stumbled on it 6 years ago when I was making fabric purses.  My local-chain, Field's Fabric, carries the best fabric in town and happened to have a few bolts of 100% wool in black, avocado green and red one day when I was there.  I loved it immediately for the way it felt, the way it looked and the beautiful way it draped.  It holds its shape well and looks expensive… because it is expensive.  It runs about $25/yard but the flowers only take a 2-4 inches.  Like craft felt, wool felt doesn't unravel, but unlike the cheaper imitation, the wool is consistent and doesn't have areas of thick and thin fibers.  I have tried to find other colors of wool felt and I've learned it is hard to find.  I am resigned to the fact I will have to order it online.
White felt flower and pink flower with felt edges and cotton center
Everybody and her sister are making the chiffon/burned edge flowers and I am as well.  I love to layer different fabrics and then add Swarovski crystals into the center of the flower.  Recently I learned how to make the pompon flowers and they are just delicious.  I've made them out of felt, silk, and

cotton and they all look great.  Wool is big and bold and has a finished look to it.  Silk is gorgeous and most definitely my favorite with it's raw edges which give it a grungey look.  The way the light reflects off the silk is just beautiful and no other fabric looks like that.  Cotton is also grungy with a raw edge and comes in far more colors and patterns giving it the most variety.  Each fabric has its place and makes a really pretty flower.  You can find my flowers on my Etsy site
Silk with Crystal Bar Pin 
White Wood Felt with cotton and crystal center,
pink and deep pink cotton with crystal and faux pearls
red felt with vintage earring center
Red wood felt with vintage earring  center
Silk flowers with crystals and pearls
Chiffon, organza, and satin flowers with crystals
Red silk with netting and Swarovski Button center
I L.O.V.E. I love you….That is the first verse of a lullaby I loved to sing my kids.  Well….sing along with the CD because I don't sing well at all.  I made my grandmother a cute door decoration for the holiday in four parts.

Mini DIY Instructions Ahead

I used store bought heart doilies.  I realized the doilies had all sorts of HANGING CHAD meaning I had to spend at least an hour or more getting rid of it all with an Exacto knife.  Sometimes my OCD really kicks in.  I painted the doilies with Tattered Angels Glam which is a thick paintish substance with a lot of glitter which serves to strengthen the fragile doilies a little.  The pink and white polka dot paper is from House of 3 and was cut into a large circle with a circle cutter.  I edged the circle with Distress Ink.  The crepe paper was edged with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze which comes in a bottle with a brush like nail polish does.  Using hot glue, I pleated the crepe paper behind the polka-dot circle to make a really pretty Lollie.  I sprayed the chipboard letters L, O, V, and E with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist giving them a ton of sparkle.  The hanging ribbon was fashioned out of repurposed seam binding.  I think they are really cute and delicate.  Being separate rather than strung together like the current darling of the craft world- the banner- it makes a unique decorations.
Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy the Grammy's, I know I will. 

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  1. Your fabric flowers are beautiful! Have you considered felting colored roving - there are a lot of colors available.


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