Sunday, January 23, 2011

Closed for Restoration

I am taking a 6-week online course called Soul Restoration offered by Melody Ross of the Brave Girls Club.  We are quickly heading toward week 3 and of course I am behind, a little bit….
My love of glitter shows up again.
They keep tell us not to feel guilty about being behind but as the class Valedictorian- I get a little stressed when I am behind in my school work.  I'm trying to stay on task and not get too hung up on the actual art, but sometimes I get a little lost in the process.  I don't know when to stop and if truth be told this is the same problem I had in (nursing) school.  Nurses have to write "care plans" especially in school.   For school care plans we had to find the intervention and the research citation to back it .  I could go on for PAGES and PAGES and PAAAAAGGGGGGEEEES.  I never knew when to stop.   My Profs loved it but in hindsight- it was a little ridiculous.  Care plans…art projects….. Why can't I be so neurotic with housework. ..or laundry?  

Here are some photos of my work for Soul Restoration...

Isn't this cool- its a page that is a mirror?
Stay warm…


  1. Love this post and can soooo relate! Beautiful art and I love the page that is a mirror. How did you do that? Your Soul House and birdie are all so peaceful. TFS!

  2. Nice work for this class. You're the third person I know taking it and you're all producing strong art from it.


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