Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 2

Ok 2 of Creative Chemistry 103. For more information on the class you can read my day 1 post here.  Today we drag out the Disress Paint and I have to say I love the effect of Distress Paint and Distress Ink and Stains together. The more opaque paint looks amazing with the sheer inks.
The tags:

 Distress Paint Resist Technique. OMG I am in love with this.  Again I followed Tim's color way and used that Rusty Hinge with the blues....ahhhhhhh smitten doesn't even begin to explain my feelings.

This is Distress Paint Lifting Technique. This is definitely one of those practice makes perfect techniques. Getting the colors to not have hard edges is difficult and takes practice.  My other two tags were pathetic with very defined lines between the colors that looked like a preschooler may have been involved. It isn't in my comfort level to use all these rainbow colors and I do love the way they look together so I am glad I pushed myself to follow the colors Tim's chose.

Distress Stain Rub Resist Technique. This comes from one of the 12 Tags of if you are interested in the directions to this...but that's on you cuz I'm too lazy to search for which one. 

Ooooohhhh how gorgeous. It is hard to see on the photo but this is covered in sparkly perfection. This Distress Luminous Mica Technique is this glitter lovers dream.
My final tag of day 2 is Distress Marker Spritzed Watercolor Technique.  I have all of the Distress Makers and the Spritzer and have a love/hate relationship with both.  When I get the makers to do what I want I love them....when they look like I scribbled on a paper and never even considered blending them- even when I have pilled the paper trying to blend them with water- I hate them. The spritzer I mostly hate because I could never get it to do anything...until this tag. It took 3 tags and 4 times rewinding and watching the video but look how pretty.  Like really really pretty.  This one will probably find its way back into my repertoire.

That's it for day 2.  Day 3 is posted so I best get into my messy MESSY studio, stumble to my desk (cuz there is stuff literally everywhere blocking my way) and sit my butt down and get inking.


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  1. I just love the name of your blogs. If only jelly beans could rain up on us ! LOL. Anyhow, this is a terrific post as usual. You are doing a wonderful job and I wish you all the best.


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