Monday, March 14, 2016

12 Tags of 2016 Technique Remix: March Photo Edition

I know that my blog posts can be a tad.... WORDY .  I also know that not everyone wants to wade through my novellas every time I post a cool project.  The thing is, I like to teach...I am always so excited to share what I know about a new product or what I learned (maybe the hard way) about a technique while I made the project.  But 2016 is the Instagram Generation and people often just want to see photo and move on to the next one. People are busy, I get that, so I have decided to try something a little different...maybe make everybody happy!?!?  I will post BOTH a full-length post and a "Photo Edition" made mostly of photos. The full-length post will include all the information, education, and links that I like to share without all that guilt that I am writing too much and taking too much of your time. The Photo Edition still too long for you? I recommend Instagram (DaneeKaps).

So let's start with the first Photo Edition...

Below is Tim March Tag for the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2016 Technique Remix:
Photo from

I like to make 1 or 2 tags pretty much exactly like Tim's version in order to practice the techniques. Tim likes to really load these tags with new ways to use products and the best way to learn is to actually  do it.  Then I like to make a few tags my own take on the design...changing up colors, imagines, embellishments..whatever strikes me...but always keeping the overall design elements the same cuz otherwise you aren't using his tag as inspiration.

Notice the gorgeous gold metallic splatters over all the tags? You can see them in the close up below...

*******Check out my WORDY full-length post here 



  1. What a splendid array of tags you've created. Love your takes on this months tag, especially the hearts! <3

  2. Danee....Well I am a heart girl soooo your heart tag caught my eye and I just had to visit! I had noooo idea I would find all the goodies here that you made....LUV fun! All the POPS of COLOR...and DETAIL....LOVE!!!! Thanks for letting me visit!


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