Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mrs. Claus' Boots

I am loving Tim Holtz's new Alterations Ice Skating Die and I haven't even used it to make ice skates yet-though that is coming.  Today I used to make Mrs. Claus' boots.  Originally, I wanted to make Santa's boots but upon seeing the finished product I realized they are NOT manly enough to be Santa's boots but are perfect for the wife. 

This photo is form the packaging of the die itself.
I turned them into Witches' boots last month.  
 I love them as Mrs. Claus' boots.  I die cut the skates from Grungeboard.  To embellish them I first cut the blades off and painted the entire boot with Black Soot Crackle Paint.  

When the paint was dry, I added Glossy Accents to the main portion of the boot- avoiding the area around the laces and the heel-and covered it with Black Soot Distress Glitter.  Tim likes to say it looks like glass glitter, but...not so much.  While making the boots, I was also making a pair of skates (for later) using real glass glitter on the blades.   The two sat next to each to dry and I'm sorry to say that the Distress Glitter looks nothing like glass glitter.  However, it is gorgeous and very, very sparkly and I am finding the colors, while at first I thought them a little weird, are perfect and really do add to my projects.  So, I am no longer ONLY addicted to Martha's fine glitters.  Distress Glitter doesn't fly away or static-stick to everything, two huge bonuses. 
When the glitter was all dry I added small back crystals to the area where the laces would go to mimic buttons.  
 I shot another photo-in better lighting- as my husband was packing the car to head to my sister's for Thanksgiving dinner.  You can see the effect of the Crackle Paint on the heel and around the buttons.  

The fun fur trim is actually a mini marabou (from Hobby Lobby) that I simply hot glued into place. 

I hope everyone in America had a terrific Thanksgiving with good food and great company.  I sure did.


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