Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's Happening?

This week I am a student in Tim Holtz's online class Creative Chemistry 102.  Last year I took Creative Chemistry 101 and it profoundly changed the way I stamp.  Prior to the class I was a straight shooter- ink, stamp, manilla background....BAM..done.  It rarely varied from that recipe.  I may have occasionally used a direct-to-paper technique or Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist to color the background, but it was pretty straight forward.  I rarely touched my heat gun except to occasionally melt some embossing powder.  I NEVER used markers...never ever.  After 101 I would never execute such boring designs.
Now I am all about the Distress....Distress Stains, Distress Paints, and YES (gasp), even Distress Markers, along with my old favorite, Distress Inks. I love mixing the products together and making a big mess of colored delight.  I make such a mess that my 8 year-old recently commented about how I often cut myself when I am in the studio.  Huh? Wha? What? Then I dawned on me... he thought the red paint/stain/ink that I am often covered in, was blood.  Jeez, kid has seen too many bloody cartoons! (not really, I won't even let him watch Sponge Bob)... blame an active imagination.
My paper crafting has taken on an entirely new dimension.  While I love a clean, simple design-think Martha Stewart-it just isn't "me".  I enjoy lots of texture and color.  Several of the techniques I learned in class have become staples in my everyday projects.  Spritz and Flick and Marbling Stains are two that I use in almost every project.
Creative Chemistry 102 is Tim's second class in the series and he does require that you have taken 101 before you can take 102.  You can still take Creative Chemistry 101- more details here. What I loved the most about the class is that rather than just showing a technique for us to mimic back, Tim really teaches the science behind his products.  For example, he talks about the difference in dye, pigment, and alcohol-based inks.

The tags are all from Creative Chemistry 101.
I started working on 102, but didn't get anything finished in time to post today.  I will admit that I was worried about what in the world he would teach that he hasn't already demonstrated in on his website but of the techniques I've seen in the first 3 days, I never should have worried.  Tim has some stunning new ideas to share. Creative Chemistry 102 runs for a week.  For more information on this class click here.

In other news...I won a great button collection from Helga of ArtChixStudio.  I adore her, she is super talented and super nice.  If you haven't seen her work you should stop by her blog and store.

I hope your day is filled with Sunshine and GLITTER.


  1. You definitely gone far beyond the simple stamp an image on a sheet of paper stage. I love the complexity of your tags.

  2. AWESOME!! love your tags! this is all too crazy messy for me but maybe you'll have to show me and give tips some time :)


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