Thursday, August 2, 2012

CHA: Tim Holtz Creative Genius

Of course my favorite part of CHA was Tim Holtz….From his Idea-Ology, Stampers Anonymous, Alterations, and Ranger products to meeting Tim to meeting the newest members of Team Tim Paula and Deb.  Tim's Idea-ology booth looked terrific and was one of the only booths to really have a theme.  Heidi Swapp and DCWV were the other well designed, themed, booths.

Paula and I connected over the last year via our blogs but finally meeting her (and Deb) was fantastic and after a fabulously fun dinner over deep-dish Chicago pizza we became real friends.  I no longer have creative people in my day-to-day life so this connection is special and very important to me. 

 I've said it before and I will more than likely say it again but Tim Holtz is really the biggest driving force of innovation in the paper craft industry.  He continues to release new and innovative products at CHA….twice a year….year after year.  I truly cannot imagine how he continues to push the envelope like he does. 
 But of course I won't complain because I love what he designs…he is truly a creative genius.  Not only does he bring innovative products to the market but he has an aesthetic that marries vintage and grunge splashed with an ounce of steampunk…how can you resist that?  I can't.
Literally the only thing I DON'T like about the artist is his disdain for glitter.  But I have decided that just  because he is a glitter-a-phob, I will not hold it against him.  Just because I have never met a bling or sparkle I didn't like doesn't mean everyone has to...right? I can look past this minor flaw and continue to love everything else about him. 
In Creative Chemistry 101 Tim talks about Rock Candy Stickles as being very sparkly when rubbed across a tag.  I'm sorry Tim, but it isn't nearly sparkly ENOUGH
To my utter delight, Ranger has just released Dry Stickles aka Glitter.  Shut the Front Door!  Tim Holtz has glitter…sort of.  When I mentioned to Tim how excited I was to see Glitter from Ranger, he shuddered. Literally he shuddered.  Like I would shudder if you brought a two-headed snake to a dinner party.  

What did Tim image for the holidays? 
The bleached bottle brush trees….you cannot imagine how excited I am about these.  They are fantastic and they take color.  
L to R: Seasonal ChitChat, Woodlands, Seasonal Trimmings

The highlight of Tim's booth with Idea-ology was the sleigh that I didn't' get a great shot of and the colorful Woodland trees.  The Woodlands Trees were dyed using Distress Reinkers.
The trees were simply sprayed with color mist made by adding a dropper full of Distress Reinker and some water to a Mini Mister.

I didn't do aver good job of getting pics of the other products but you can see them on Tim's blog
Tinsel.  Tim used brown ink ago age it and then hit it with a heat gun to curl it a little and it really looked vintage. 

Probably my FAVORITE product….ever.  I love Distress Stains anyway but metallic stains…..Nirvana!

Festive Foliage

Adorable Lantern that lights up
New design in Tissue Wrap. 
Frosted Film- adhesive back, perfect for die cutting, 
Frosted Film

Mirrored: Adhesive back and perfect for die cutting


You can see and read about all of Tim's Idea-ology products on his blog here.

Why did I say Tim is so innovative?  
1. Mirror and Frosted plastic that is able to handle being die cut without cracking? I saw it first hand and it cuts beautifully.  
2. Distress Stains are amazing but Metallic Distress Stains?  I cannot wait.
3.  Bottle Brush Trees that are already bleached and affordable at around $5 a package. 
4. The cutest little lantern that actually lights up.

I cannot wait to get my hands on these products.  

Laters Baby….

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  1. This made my day, I too love Tim Holtz, can't wait to see his new products in the store! Thank you Danee. K


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